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Let's hope this is the start of the MEGA.

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Base Italy.

Good for them, and buon a fortuna!

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I think it’s MEGF.

The F being for Finally

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There's a lot more than 500,000

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500,000 African blacks alone, perhaps another 100,000 Muslims, all in the last 4 years because of the previous gov't

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Maybe Europe will survive

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Fuck, this and the Fake Pope getting kicked to the curb. Everything's coming up Italy.

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He was? When? Where was I?

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Q predicted awhile ago that the Pope would take a “break.” He ( the pope) just announced it.

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A curb stomp for that zionist devil would be too kind

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The antipope was assaulted? Do you have footage?

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"kicked to the curb" is a figure of speech.

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Are they going to ask them very very nicely to leave. Europe isn't getting out of this without spilling a lot of blood.

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Knock Knock. Who's there? The military with guns and a bus. Get on board.

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Is this so clooney can get his vacation home back?

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I hope the follow through, for the sake of Italy and for the sake of Europe.

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Mama Mia. That's a spicy meatball

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Won't actually happen. The jews always step in to prevent it. Look at Brexit for example...

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well we gunna find out soon on brexit. Article 50 has a two year time limit.

and unless agreements are made articke 50's default setting is "no immigrants, no free movements of peopke across borders, and no trade deals.

as of now... no extra agreements have been made. and were getting prettt close to the two years I think.

so technically here pretty soon article 50 ends... then its one year "transition period" for businesses to prepare changes to supply chains and boom thats it no more EU influence over britain at all.

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Thanks for providing this vital information, /u/0fsgivin.

Considering how important and relevant to the UK it is, I am surprised that the BBC hasn't made this blatantly clear to the public from the day the referendum results arrived.

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Just lay down and die? What do you propose?

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Britain is protecting the Globalist's economy in London though. If you look at their accounting tactics, London is one of the wealthiest cities in the world. That's all it's about. The economy the people live in, the quality of their life does not matter.

Italy doesn't have wealthiest cities.

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