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When doing things you don't want them to know about, take out the battery or leave the phone at home.

It's possible there is an RFID chip in a battery free phone that can be detected when entering stores with RFID detectors. Leaving it at home is the best option.

There are also GPS trackers in all new vehicles, you can ask for them to be removed when you buy it from the dealership and maybe they will. They are almost always in the dashboard and you can look up online how to remove them. It's too easy to place a tracker on a parked car though, so you're better off taking public transit with cash, a bike, or walk.

Video cameras are everywhere, but a baseball cap and sun glasses makes most of them useless.

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Yeah you wish all thatmade a difference. 5g networks will make all that pointless. Next we have to figure out how to jam or distort our 5g signature.

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Hoods do the trick too, but it looks suspicious if it's not cold.

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Even the pictures you take with a smart-phone in-bed your ip and location on them, so when you post online a savvy techy can see when you really took it and where, regardless of what you said on your post. Fuck it!

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It's called exif data. You can strip those out fairly easily though,

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I know, my point was that most people don't know that it even exists, much less to take it off. Which leads to a huge security leak problem.

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how do we buy

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They've been hacked. http://archive.is/ejsPo

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Big surprise. Android/Google does the same shit. You've all paid to bug yourselves.

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We've FTFY

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Only keep a burner anyway, and have lost a few at Greyhound & Amtrak stations already.....

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Yet another reason for an #InternetBillOfRights.

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