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Europe is lost.

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Let's FIND it!

Finders keepers!!

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This trafficking has to be stopped in Greece/Turkey border, or I'm afraid it will be ended with another bloodbath in Balkans. Now the situation is more dangerous than it was in 2015, because now they camping in Bosnia, which will be more than willing to provide any assistance to permanently hold the door open for them to get to Europe... just look at that recent quote from the Prime Minister of BiH federation:

"We expect professional, technical and, above all, financial assistance to provide immigrants with housing, health care and education opportunities," the Prime Minister of BiH Denis Zvizdic said to the media.

According to Slovenian police, they are from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Algeria, Morocco, Iraq, Syria, Tunisia, Cameroon and Yemen.

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Why aren't they just staying in Bosnia then?

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I think the key difference is that in west EU they can live in their own closed neighborhoods not to be bothered with local people, that also provide them with opportunities to earn some possibly illegal money in those "states in state". In east europe they don't have this luxury.

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More like, "hey EU, would be a shame if these 60 000 migrants just happened to pour into your borders. Perhaps if we had more money wink wink"

They'll probably just end up shipping them to Serbia on secret midnight trains or redirect them into Slovenia/Hungary.

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They need to redirect them... into the ground!

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That's such a MadAss warning... Cheerioo