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Tell me again how the British won the war.

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Tell me again how the British won the war.

The international Jews drew America into the war on the side of Britain, and America won due to its overwhelming advantage in resources and wealth.

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...with style...and on a number of occasions. We know this game, seen it before ;) bread and circuses with divide and conquer. It’s coming from EU ‘socialist’ directive—->that’s predominantly why we are Brexiting!

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Bwahahahhaha. Brexit? How's that going for you?

Is that a potato peeler, son? You're going to have to come with us.

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I hope so, but I think you'll have to do much more than vote to get your country back.

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If 4 million brits each with a marketable skill left and started their own colony it would soon become "racist white flight!" even though they aren't being hired in their own town.

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By Soros design.

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For being sheep they deserve it. Cleaning our gene pool one loser at a time

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There are plenty of Lions in disguise circling around. They won’t be controlled by the staged ‘war this week’ external narrative either. UK 🇬🇧 people usually stand alone. Independence and experience is why we’re no longer part of the EU/Global dictatorship. Did you not see the current Eurovision this week?

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What happend on Eurovision

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Non-EU muslim immigrants, that the UK imported willingly from Pakistan and other shitholes, and white trash chavs cannot find a job because EU citizens who come to the UK are better qualified.

Cry me a river, shithole britbongs.

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Four million can't get work, or refuse to work? How many of them are actually ethnic British?

Hate the Poles all you like, they work pretty goddamn hard and they're more red pilled on open borders than the locals.

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{{breitbart.com}} blames Islam, Christians, Migrants and Everyone but never the Jews

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I didn't think the "migrants" wanted to work.

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EU migrants to the UK are mostly from Poland and other civilized nations. The idea that a country which imported Pakistanis willingly would object to skilled immigrants from a compatible culture is hilarious.

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See: United States

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