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To answer your question: no.

He compared something to the animal program, which happened to expand its spay and neuter program. There’s no quote from him saying this. It’s just a shitty click bait title that appeals to Voat. But it doesn’t appeal to people who want the truth and not shitty click bait.

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No he didn't but I personally think it's a great idea & hope he seriously considers it

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I don't personally own any negroes, but all my OTHER pets have been spayed and neutered.

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To prove his point, Boudreaux referenced how Lafayette created a no kill shelter.

They already have those for feral street apes, they are called prisons.

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I find no kill shelters to be yet another retarded scheme from liberals. So now, since we can't kill the animals, we have to store them, and feed them, as well as hope to god someone adopts them. But hey, even if the animal is living in atrocious conditions, we can rest assured that at least they're "alive". Liberals dont seem to understand that the world does not have infinite money to piss away on idiotic hopeful optimism. The second one is no-kill for ferals. Great, now we have a ton of animals running around feral, destroying property, infecting people, all because killing them would be "mean".

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animals can't act in accordance with society. most blacks can't act in accordance with society. most blacks are animals.

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Most people in the USA are so dumb the narrative doesn't have to make sense.

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I bet you could offer most welfare recipients a couple grand to be spayed, and they would take it without even knowing what being sterilized means.