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Be cheaper to "brainwash" them with a bullet to the head.

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With extra bacon.

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In a June 2017 paper published by a state-run journal, a researcher from Xinjiang's Communist Party School reported that most of 588 surveyed participants did not know what they had done wrong when they were sent to re-education. But by the time they were released, nearly all — 98.8 percent— had learned their mistakes, the paper said.

Oh, I'm sure they know what they did wrong after a few days of good, hard indoctrination.

They were told that the indigenous sheep-herding Central Asian people of Xinjiang were backward and yoked by slavery before they were "liberated" by the Communist Party in the 1950s.

I 'ad a giggle, m8.

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And this is why china will win. They are also wise to (((subversive plans))).

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I can understand (to a degree) why they'd do this with citizens, but why bother with foreigners who pose a threat? Just kick them out.

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Bekali was born in China in 1976 to Kazakh and Uighur parents, moved to Kazakhstan in 2006 and received citizenship three years later.

Bekali knew none of this when he visited his parents on March 25. He passed police checkpoints and handed over his decade-old Chinese identity card.

He was a former citizen that handed them 10yr old ID card. Can't say I blame the Chinese for being a bit suspicious there

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Since last spring, Chinese authorities in the heavily Muslim region of Xinjiang have ensnared tens, possibly hundreds of thousands of Muslim Chinese — and even foreign citizens — in mass internment camps.

That part seems to be suggesting they intern foreigners.

Normally with westerners, if they do something bad they just boot them out and tell them never to come back.

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I thought china doesn't allow dual citizens?

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China is willing to do what we can't do here. We need to start kiddnapping negro children from the hoods and turning them into black skinned whites. Any child caught expressing hood behavior should be forced to watch white people tv shows. With like shock therapy. Until they start talking like carlton banks from that one negro show. Until they become well spoken black folks.

We'll keepem in there until they reach white standards. However long it takes.

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we have all the laws to do this, but the courts and government workers are (((marxists))) or controlled by marxists. when a minor carjacker, with a gun, is caught they are most of the time released in chicago. If instead they were incarcerated in a something like a boot camp, where they had to stay in line all the time, then shit could change quickly. instead they keep committing crimes, and eventually end up in a normal jail, with their friends, where they just get worse to the point where they will never integrate into civilized society.

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Cummon china, you can do better than that. Just lobotomize them and use them as slaves