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Fukkin pewdiepie gets more daily views than CNN and he's a three man team.

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pew news is my trusted source of information

pew pew pew pew pew pew

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Gloria Borger = Waifu

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I used to dismiss it as 12yo minecraft type crap but I finally watched his show and there's actually some decent content.

Dude has a crazy grasp on meme culture and the whole metagame of the internet.

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I tried watching Pewdiewhatever, but his frenetic, colorful performing style made my stomach roll.

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The independent media hit-pieces and social media bans and censorship come at a time that a failing MSM attempts to reinvent itself on social media. The lower they fall the dirtier they will fight. #AltMedia #AltTech

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altho MSM is tied to propaganda, I think they genuinely try to create more "news" and inflate it in order to try to get more people to tune in.(to obtain more advertisers) This is what people are beginning to notice.

*edit: also, I think its why the bust on trump so much, there is an audience that just wants hear bashing of Trump. Pretty simple

Social media "news" etc are more genuine, therefore people respond to it more.

Also, the political/social commentator monologue segments have always been popular. Take Andy Rooney for example, I remember just tuning into to watch him, as my parents just to see what his new rant would be.

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Everyone should know that no one watches CNN.

They've tricked people into thinking they're popular because Ted Turner got it bundled into every cable service and shown in movies. It plays on televisions in my old high schools """library,""" because "it's what grown-ups watch, rite?"

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There was a time when CNN had one thing going for it. Traveling businessmen could get it in every five star hotel around the globe, unlike CNBC etc, and watch stock market ticker and golf live. I mean, before the internet…

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Fucking oven dodgers. https://kek.gg/i/GqMjK.jpg

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I like the JPG but remember, there were no ovens for them to dodge.

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Ahh, very true. Still fun to call them that. I guess the more accurate term to call them is typhoid dodgers.

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CNN isn't news, it's a propaganda outlet. It's a puppet show, they could save money and just make it digital talking heads. It would probably gain an iota of credibility in doing so.

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Yeah, that "Trump Bump" doesn't seem to be working for them so good.

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CNN's mythomania and staged antics are too ludicrous even for the standards of baizuo, who opt for the hokey histrionics blazoned via MSNBC. In a post-Boomer economy, televised markets are contracting too quickly for Zucker's clown channel to survive indefinitely.

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there viewership isn't their primary concern... they would like to be watched to spread their propaganda but the powers that be that run this channel and fund it are heavily invested n the destruction of our constitution and freedom... Their attack on the family unit, free speech, guns anit-immigration, free and fair elections ,etc..are all to destroy the US economy and bring in a criminal enterprise disguised as big government .

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