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Ever wonder what the intention of F & F was? We're they expecting the guns to get to druglords so they would attack Americans therby justifying tighter 2a laws?

What was the goal of giving guns away if not desire for them to be used???

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They were part of the CIA's drug trade. They were trading guns and cash for coke. This in turn would increase border violence which was only supposed to lead back to US gun sellers. This was to be the justification for more anti-human rights laws. Which they in fact tried to pass in every border state, even after it was revealed Holder and Obama was the direct cause and traitors to this nation.

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Wait. The US government was trading cash and guns for coke? They should make a law about that.

Maybe have the Officers take an Oath or something. Have them swear they will uphold the Constitution, as written, not interpreted.

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The entire point was to use the guns they smuggled into Mexico as an excuse to ban guns in the US.

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Might be more to it- source of revenue, arm the supply chain and 2a attack.

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So is holder going to be jailed?

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Very likely they are all going to jail. They have to finish cleaning up Congress, FBI, and DOJ. Which is a tall order and takes time.

IMO, expect shit to start rolling as we approach the mid terms. This has also been hinted at by Q.

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I'm not holding my breath or anything but I really really hope you're right.

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I wouldn't mind their cell mate so I can torture them daily.

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That's racist. Day dindu nuffin

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I guess they finally shit down the program.

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...still holding back the JFK files.

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The important elements which we were supposed to focus on, for now, were already released. Most will come later.

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Hahaha this is great!

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No blowback to Obama from the liberal media of course.

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Based on the rhetoric that Obama and Bill's wife were giving to the media at the time, it was clearly meant to justify circumventing the 2cd amendment, and to usher in new gun restrictions.

The were both saying words to the effect - "We need new gun laws to counter this crisis"...

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