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Muslim is not a race you retarded shitskin.

Islamophobia is not a real thing. The fear that people have regarding Muslims is very real, no phobia in our minds, just reality of who is our enemy.

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The problem is open immigration.

Why the fuck do we need to allow foreign culture to infiltrate our midst?

You wanna emigrate to America? Make sure you memorize the national anthem, swear fealty to America, pass the cultural assimilation test, and speak good english. Diversity is a weakness, mono-culture is strength.

America, for example, is letting in way too many people who openly hates America and treat them like some fucking VVIP because of "political correctness." That mexican flag waving kid gets full healthcare coverage and free tuition using taxpayer's money. That radical muslim "refugee" who planned to bomb America was allowed entry because of "humanitarian" reason.

Everybody who supports open immigration should be hanged for treason against nation.

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ill go one further, the problem isn't open immigration alone it is open immigration AND welfare for basically anyone who isn't a white male, of course paid for by the white males.

If the welfare didn't exist, only those interested in working hard and being productive would come here and they would be free to do so. You cannot have both things. I dont agree with forced government ran "safety nets", but at least if were only for citizens in a closed system it would be easier to manage.

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Fucking liberals did this and it's just the start. They'd stick a knife in their own grandmother if she got in the way of their hysterical demands.

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jihad, invasion!

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Your future choices at the ballot box:

Center-left candidate

Left candidate

Far left candidate

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I live in Washtenaw County near Ann Arbor. The best you can find is a pro-business Democrat. Red's don't even run!

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Why would a Chrisatian conservative say "I love muslems"? fuck that fucker

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And the Jews sit back and watch

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White Michigan voters have the power to .... put him down. Do you need a postcard ?

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Be afraid...be VERY afraid.

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