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The democrats feed off violence and misery. They give no shits about who has to die for their utopic vision. Naturally, this type of approach is very, very short-term, since eventually the populace(Immigrant and native) get tired of the constant bullshit

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So what they're saying is, all immigrants, by extension, are ms13 murderers, rapists, and drug dealers?

That seems to be the implication.

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Andrea Mitchell. like the entire establishment MSM, no longer values facts or honors the notion that Reporters should report events with accuracy and truthfulness.

The Cultural Marxist ideology is now fully embraced by MSM elites. Animal Farm is their manual: Lies are not just permissible but desirable in order to steer society toward the "Socialist-Utopia-that-has-never-been-tried-correctly".

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They keep screaming that Trump is saying all immigrants go into MS-13 then they turn around and do the exact same fucking thing.