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Worked as planned.

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Jews created common core.

I am just guessing tbh, but I'm right, aren't I?

Edit: I'm going to go look.

Edit2: Yep

Here's the fucking filthy JEW responsible for intentionally making your kids stupid.


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See that, lurkers and pill gaggers?

Identify a cultural poison. Ask "Who is responsible?". And it's a Jew, of course. Every mother fucking time.

Patrick Little for Senate.

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I don't know how much they'll make on forcing all public schools to buy their textbooks but that's part of the deal too.

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Equality of outcome (by dragging everyone down to the lowest common denominator).

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Was just going to say that. The people responsible need to be shot.

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How to crush White and Asian family educational support, while attempting to lower all human children to the same level a Sub-Saharan African.

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That's because Common Core math isn't math. It's nonsense. That's not an exaggeration or hyperbole either. It's literal nonsense.

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Um, you are retarded. C.Core Example 1.)f[a], "12+42-16=potato+4". What part of that don't you get, racist?!

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Oh shit! You got me.

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I think you are also supposed to draw some diagonal lines or something, too.

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BECAUSE COMMON CORE IS LEFTIST SHIT. End of argument, there is nothing to discuss.

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I honestly thought it was april fools day when I found out about this bullshit.


Edit: This one pisses me off the most, how do they justify rounding the fucking numbers down?!?!?




They take the most convoluted, pointless route to an answer and punish kids for using the old style of math.

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It was designed to make it hard for parents to help their children with homework, in order to level the field for the children with useless shitheads for parents. It was a deliberate race to the bottom for a virtue-signaling edumacator that wanted to shit things up for families that put child success as a priority, while still being public education tier economically.

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They're prescribing heuristics that make math confusing.

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It took a nosedive because they never cared about education to begin with.

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Coincided with demographic replacement.

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Nonsense! That shows enrollment in algebra classes. Clearly, common core has sent these kids so far ahead that they don't need algebra. After all, they can make two numbers total to multiple answers.

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Since when do parents care what their kids aren't learning in school. As long as they go most parents think they've done an excellent job of parenting.

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Common core math is the dumbest shit i have ever seen.. i would not have graduated if i had to learn that shit in high schhol i was bad enough with normal real math.. they turn addition and subtraction into the most complex shit i have ever seen.

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