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As pointed out by Bassilian, the Community Coalition used some of the money it received from the CDC to send children to speak at “March For Our Lives” events, including the widely publicized rally that took place in Washington, D.C., back in March.

Lol! So those "protesters" were literally paid government stooges.

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no goy, those events were authentic grassroots movements. think of the children!

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Oh they were obviously stage managed, I just find it funny that they were literally funded by the government they were supposedly protesting against.

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Uh yes

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As opposed to just Soros stooges. They claimed to be fighting against the machine that was literally running them.

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The CDC also recommends circumcision.

Based on studies on STD transmission and Urinary Tract Infection rates in Sub-Saharan Africa...

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Go look those studies up by the way. It had to be cut short on ethical grounds. IIRC one of the groups involved actually had drastically increased infection rates.

Didn't stop them and WHO going door to door telling people to get mutilated, organizing campaigns of girls to try and shame men into doing it, and so on... nor the woozling of that study by pro-mutilation kikes in the states.

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pushing completely unrelated causes like gun control

They drown your children in your own blood.

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I figured there was some serious money laundering going on in the medical sector, but this is insane.

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Remember that bomb at the medical center yesterday, that was instantly buried? https://www.cnn.com/2018/05/15/us/california-medical-facility-explosion/index.html

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These fuckers are trying to destroy our society. I don't know what they think will be left after they destroy it. They don't seem to think at all, they're just enjoying the head rush of being on the libtard bandwagon.

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They have already destroyed it

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People will just keep going to work and paying their taxes. Magically, it will get worse.

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Why aren't these crooked bureaucrats being locked up?

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Because the legal system is a joke, the police are the mailed fist of tyranny, and your population is ~70% fat fucks.

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Hey who suffers? Just a bunch of sick kids that get backburnered because the CDC is short of resources. When we ask what happened they'll say Because trump hates science and loves diseases!

Downside of folllqing politics is how predictable their actions and are our reactions.

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On the bright side those kids are probably nonwhite shitholians and "helping" them with our taxes was wrong to begin with.

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