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Will some patriotic citizen please put a feckin-A bullet in that Trotsky-juuuz head. He is a stench in the nose of all republican yeomanry and a pestilent social disease of the worst infection.


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What has your comment to do with my submission?


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I don't know why this fucker hasn't caught a few bullets yet.


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https://archive.fo/0SvHb :

California Prosecutors Call Out George Soros For Meddling In Local D.A. Races | Daily Wire

'A group of prosecutors in California has called out New York billionaire George Soros for meddling in several local district attorney races taking place across the Golden State. '

'Soros recently contributed $1.5 million to a political action committee called California Justice & Public Safety, which is supporting Jones-Wright’s campaign. '

'District Attorney elections used to be lightly financed campaigns largely focusing on personal qualifications. '

'She’s facing Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley, who is seeking a third term. '

'However, the committee is also backing several other progressive D.A. candidates throughout the state, vying to transform the concept of criminal justice in California. '

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