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The Jews, without question, are using all thier positions of power to kidnap and sell our children into slavery. Soon voat will be doxxed and any of us with children will have them removed from us for their protection and right into the Jewish slave trade. The only question is if/when we are going to do something to stop it.

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My children can shoot.

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How are they with knots?

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They are also mixed chinks of a father who betrayed his people.

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No Shit Sherlock. Yet we got Hoggs running around telling us to think about the children.

The underground sex / torture / abuse is the real top issue for children in the USA. These are the most vulnerable forgetten-about kids too. Hey Parents: your kid is 300,000% more likely to drown than to be shot in school. Hello?!?! There are 58,000 kidnappings by non-family members out of the 800,000 reported missing children in the US annually. Compare that to something like 9 school shooting deaths annually on average for 2008-2018.

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Also not being a dickhead goes a long way, if you watch the columbine vids they gloss by a lot of people. You also hear almost every shooting is a kid that says he looked right at me and just walked away. People like david hogg are obviously the worst abusers and he didn't go to school bc he knew his ass would be on the hitlist, then he tried to rally people into ending guns so he could abuse more people without being shot.

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My former state senator, Nancy Schaefer, was assassinated for her investigation into CPS trafficking and abuse.

https://youtu.be/u5fqaaBpTLY https://youtu.be/yhzu80PfUKU https://youtu.be/jdv6Cz24sIA

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tahts fucked up fam

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Bless the likes of Nancy Schaefer. An unsung hero. This case could be one the most enraging.

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Jesus Christ on a cracker.

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Ya Think? How many Rosy children come from the Foster Care program? Now how many Fucked up kids come from there?

There's your logical explanation.

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In other news the sky is blue.

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I heard that water is wet, too.

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and that fire is hot

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That's crazy, sure you're not just racist?

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I believe this was first denounced in the 90's, ins't it?

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I was in a few foster homes and most of the people running them had some sort of obvious mental illness. Not all of them, but one had a creepy diaper fetish, one was a two-faced whore with abusive redneck relatives, and another was a man-hating lesbian... not one positive male role model in any of them, all single women

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Of course it is, same in every country.

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