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And before you amateur lawyers start complaining...

Separation of church and state does not apply. Islam is not a religion by any conventional definition. It is a cult of hatred, slavery, torture, and death.

So see? No conflict here. Now go wrap your daughter is a tent so we can open her like a giant pinata for not being a “real muslim” and having her clitoris sawed off.

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If Islam isn't a religion then there are no religions

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"it's not a religion it's a cult" what?

The only difference between a religion and a cult is how widely practiced it is.

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I believe technically- it’s tax exemption...based on numbers! Cultures don’t have to subscribe to the invisible ‘deity’ belief. Human Cultural practice pre-dates religion by hundreds of thousands of years. Religion is all about money and power. Cultures are about being socially accepted and belonging to a group of fellow Humans.

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I've always seen it defined as one has a dead leader and one has a live one.

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Islam is a religion. Sharia is not. Learn the difference before you start preaching.

Edit: There isn't a good person down voting my comment. To down vote my comment is to presume that all religions are inherently and equally good. The comment to which I replied is entirely predicated on this false and immoral assumption. Being a religion says nothing of its merit. Likewise, anyone who claims something is bad is not and can not be a religion is inherently immoral and a liar.

Their votes and comments also hide the fact that Sharia is Islam's true weakness. Every Mosque is a Sharia court; requiring two judges before opening. Which means every Mosque is in standing violation to law and order as well as the US Constitution. To deny this is to support Islam and Sharia. This is because Islam, via Sharia, can be forcefully rejected from the United States, without violating the US Constitution. This is because Sharia is not Constitutionally protected and is in fact in direct conflict with it. Likewise, you can't have Islam or any Mosque without Sharia. Which means there are no Muslims in the country who are not criminals.

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You and your retard repliers need to learn how to spot sarcasm.

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Islam is a religion.

yup its a religion.the ignorance on the first poster is amazing but that's public educamation for ya

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It is a murderous, evil pedorape cult with zero redeeming qualities. This is not up for debate.

Calling it a religion gives it credibility in the eyes of many. This should never be done.

When reasonable people refuse to accept the lie of religion of peace there will be change, not before. We must help that along.

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Woah. Rancho Cucamonga is fairly a shit city. But not this shitty. Its predominantly Mexican/Latino White and Black. I would anticipate blow back from this.

Edit: Any proof that this is the Yearbook? This is the only source claiming it.

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I like their Bass Pro shop, though. It's a retardedly long drive to get there, but we still do it just for that shop every now and then.

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Is that Rancho or Upland? Upland is significantly nicer. Rancho/Rialto/Fontana all seem to attract the same people.

That Bass Store is Crazy.

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Less than 8 miles from where those rag heads killed all those people at a Christmas party at the regional center---Caliph/ornia even the Mexicant will even be slaughtered, no one gets this huh, just inviting the enemy in.

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yeah they dont like christianity but that's only to their detriment.we as a society are going backwards morally and civically (greed,corruption,rampant homosexuality and transgenderism among other things)

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The people running SoCal right now have a special place in hell set aside for them.

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Where's a school shooter when you really need one?

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Been going on for many years. This was in my childs school and i pulled her put fifteen years ago

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>public high school

There's your trouble.

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