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The more shit like this I see, the more I believe that public hangings should make a comeback.

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Lashings first

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Again niggers see money as more valuable then life, might aswell call them niggerkikes

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Nikes. which explains a lot, come to think of it.

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Just imagine their confusion when thanks to them socity is in the shitter and money is worth the paper its on at best.

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"If I had a son, he would look like [Insert violent nigger ape name here]."

  • Odumbo

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"...he has been arrested at least 11 times since 2012 on charges including robbery, burglary, grand theft and cocaine possession, jail records show."

One bullet, that's all it takes.

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You can literally see the stupid on its monkey face.

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hey Starbucks! here is one of your precious ones.

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Lol @badweather if you ran a newschannel I'd watch it every day, just for the amazing titles!

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That brings up a really great point. Most of these stories are effectively hidden from view by only being broadcast at the local level. If we had a 24 hour news channel like CNN that wasn't under the direct control of Jews, we could actually show these stories non-stop. Imagine how many eyes would be opened in America to the problem of black on white crime! White Americans would be demanding segregation!

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Of course, but you're quite a wordsmith, you've got a nice touch with making the titles amusing and at the same time underlining a point people would think to themselves when reading the MSM Jewed-up titles. You say what we are thinking. And that's why your stuff is so good, it points out the stark contrast between the truth and how the regular news contorts it.

Your titles are punchy and attention-grabbing. You would be a great editor for such a channel. I could only imagine if you wrote some of the stories. But that's exactly why the kike editors carefully select brianless gender and english studies majors as their staff.

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This is why Mom conceal carries in her purse.

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