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This is an interesting article. The idea of "cracking down" on obviously shows the author believes that stifling speech is itself the job of these companies, or they simply don't understand the words they use. They let the reader assume things about Charlottesville that aren't true. Couching division as a class struggle makes me laugh. This is a piece people will be spreading far and wide to misrepresent everyone and solidify them as a bloc to be fought.

Unfortunately, I suggest that the OP needs this sort of disclaimer to not get bombarded by downvoats. Because now internet points are about agreement, as they always end up, and not about value.


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That makes this shit-show sound far more organized that it actually is.

The power of this "movement" is that is extremely decentralized, mostly just a bunch of pieces of shit like me calling each other niggers on the internet.

There are no true leaders in this "movement", it is mostly just a bunch of honest folks tired of being fed lies in the name of political correctness.


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Yeah, you’re mentally ill.