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The Jews named Silver-something are always second-rate. If you want a really first-class Jew, you've got to get one with the name Gold-something.

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Any name of Germanic origin can be thought of as jewish. It's sad, because a lot of people think Germans stole their names from Jews, and not the other way around. You have to remind people that jews came from Germany to the US, hence the Germanic names they have. Leave it to kikes, to steal something, and then brainwash people into thinking the victim is the monster

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And the Democrat Jews are at it again.

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what, we actually have a conviction of a kike here? All the lawering-up didn't help? This kike couldn't find enough shysters to get him off the hook? If rich Jewish Dem politicians actually get convicted ... it must have been a REALLY serious crime.

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He stole money from a kike, I would assume. That's their equivalent to murder.

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THAT would explain. A kike is always innocent unless the victim was another kike.1

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send his ugly ass to prison already

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I was listening to Buffalo talk radio today and one caller who claimed he was a democrat had this to say: " I'm disappointed in all these people and I'm not the type who will point out that these guys are all democrats, or that Silver, Weiner, Schneiderman, Weinstein are all JEWS..."

I honestly missed the rest because I was laughing so hard that he named the Jew.

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Let's hope this keeps happening. The time for cowering at the sound of "that's anti-semitic" is long over.

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The catholic dagos are just as bad if not worse.

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anyone have a link that works? Kikes int the gears?

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A jew?? Guilty of corruption?? tell me no!!

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There is no sleazier a piece of shit on two feet. Now if only a bunch of others could join him.

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