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Personally I prefer the BBC (and its affiliates ABC & CBC) because they are charter neutral and they are required to give every mainstream political point of view airtime and unbiased coverage. They may not always live up to this ideal , but they make an effort to do so which is a darn sight more than CNN does , FOX is slightly better and they will cover liberal issues for the sake of balance but they are easily identifiable as being Conservative.

And in my opinion the role of the news is to report the facts in a fair and evenhanded manner with the only bias being allowed being a bias in favor of the concept of democracy itself, and let the audience itself decide its own point of view.

Democracy is supposed to be a government of the people , by the people and for the people. And for the people to be able to make good decisions they need accurate information to inform itself with, because as the old adage goes "Garbage in, Garbage out" and if someone is fed a diet of lies or only one side of a complex issue from the media they will always make bad decisions.