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Use archive links to things like this, please! Prevents the site from getting page views and potential ad revenue.

I would really like to hear from the people Ellen Pao is a hero to. I wonder if she's a hero to those women whose firings she contributed to as she climbed up corporate ladders. Her entire platform has always been "the lone woman against the world" and its hard to do those things when there are, well, other women in your way. It's so funny how they gloss over Victoria's firing in relation to the "misogynist" narrative that's trying to be pushed.


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She's a hero to feminists who think self-inflicted victimhood is a badge of honor.

Somehow we've gotten to the point where women are praised for being victims. She's just playing the cards society is dealing out.

Fucking 3rd wave feminism...


[–] Failboat 1 points 25 points (+26|-1) ago 

Trying to defend feminism is realy starting to feel like defending islam after 911. We all know the movement is about equality and yet all we hear is how fucking crazy extreamists have taken it in the wrong direction.


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There're some shills here on Voat who're claiming that Pao was targeted because she has a pussy, not because she's a shit person and fucking waste of good oxygen. Even some in this discussion. Their arguments primarily consist of baseless claims and third-wave feminism bullshit.


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Thank god there's a top comment that says this. I was starting to think less of Voat members, seeing so many links like this. "Look at how awful these people are, they think we're all pieces of shit!! Here's the link so you can give them more page views."


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While I don't disagree we also don't know why Victoria was banned.