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You know that there's some common business phrase at these companies for "too profitable to cure". Maybe something simple like 'fat', or 'shiny', like "Type 1 Diabetes is a shiny disease". I mean, it's not like every scientist alive doesn't know that with proper resource allocation, Type 1 Diabetes (for example) would be human history, like black plague.

For the pitiful dreamy companies even INVESTIGATING cures there's a corporate phrase behind closed doors for "torpedoing the chances of cure". One biotech startup company I worked for published a paper on HOW a cure XYZ might be enacted for disease PQR. It was a postulate, an approach. The week that paper was published in a small scientific magazine, we were duly threatened digitally with a 'safety' lawsuit from some megafirm in the Pacific that we had zero contact with. They were just out there, lurking, putting up the destructive scare tactics to keep us away from the truth, the cure and their profits, keeping the stooges alive who suffered with it addicted to the meds. For all we knew they weren't even researchers, just hit men.

Looking back on that now (the disease is still out there, kept at bay with daily meds for millions) it probably would have actually been cheaper to just murder us all, I mean, why pay people to hit carriage-return while they threaten us when a bullet costs a buck? But the message doesn't get out then, does it? The companies preventing the cures need people like me/us to remind the OTHER companies that, yes, lawsuit squealers are everywhere, and more valuable to them than the lives of the scientists creating a cure, is the PR associated with a wallet-bashing suit that doesn't even need to be won! Just expensive enough to make you go away. AND.... they all do go away. The cure for Type-1 Diabetes (for example) is, as it always has been, "...just around the corner..."