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Imagine all the praise and recognition if obama did this

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I can't imagine it. Obama lacks the necessary balls, backbone, and inclination of will in order to arrive at this outcome.

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Trump gave us this. But one might say that Obama helped him by being such a weakling in contrast that when Trump showed up he was stunning. lol

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Obonzo actually laid the groundwork for all of the missile testing and emboldened Fat Kim, made Kim think he was important. Trump forced China to erode their support for Fat Kim and he found out he's nothing alone . . .

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msm talk shows will make shit impressions of it, and the fake laugh track will continue

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Might get him a second Nobel.

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member that hospital he bombed?

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Makes his peace prize look like a joke.

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Not that that's hard to do.

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The peace prize has been a joke for years. Has no meaning anymore.

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This never would have occurred if Hillary Clinton were president.

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While it's a good thing, the choices were probably get bombed or get rich.

I would also suggest that this is a pivot against China and Russia which prevents them from getting control of NK.

There are active North Korean labor camps in Siberia.

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I try not to get political, even on Voat... Something tells me previous administrations just didn’t actually want peace with North Korea. War is very profitable and justifies a huge military presence on the peninsula.

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Why do you think all those fake nuclear attack threats, and claims that "NORTH KOREA COULD STRIKE CALIFORNIA ANY MINUTE" newscasts are made?

They need to keep Americans constantly in fear and in complete reliance on The Federal Govt. to keep people from starting a domestic revolution.

Constant fear from an external threat keeps Americans afraid to hold our own government accountable, or overthrow it.

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Haha, anyone remember when NK 'hacked' Sony?

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spooking the herd is not wise. good cattle are calm and predictable. it is much better to harvest flesh when it is not tense.

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Does this mean Trump goes down as one of the greatest Presidents ever? Didn't someone on CNN say that and then her feed was cut? Too funny.

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The reporter in question died at his home last night.

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Lol cant tell if joking or not, that's how bad it's gotten.

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T-the North/South split was just Russia Troll propaganda!! They were always buddies!

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The north is communism, the south capitalism/west

[–] Reverse-Flash 1 points 0 points (+1|-1) ago 

Like he said, they are the same.

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The liberal narrative is that this is all China's doing.CNN is not giving Trump ANY credit for this. I looked at the CNN story and not a mention of all the back channel work that was done to make this possible. Just remember, Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize just months into his administration for (as they put it) for his "extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples". Will Trump get it for this?? FUCK NO! Even if he did I would hope he would tell the Nobel foundation to go shit in it's hat and say he doesn't accept FAKE awards.

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Telling the Nobel committee to go shit in it's hat. That would be the penultimate happening event of all time. You've just defined the new dream of a lifetime.

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NK is starving to death. Trump didn't do much. Obama's prize is a bit of a joke.

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I wondered how they were going to spin it so Trump didn't get any credit.

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Yup, China's president Xi did all this. He brought the two leaders together. I don't think it will hold up very long, like all liberal narratives it will collapse quickly.

[–] Kleyno 4 points 12 points (+16|-4) ago 

Kim: We're serious about it this time bro, honest. Pinky swear and everything!

Yeah yeah, we'll see.

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In the past, they've talked from a far distance about peace and they've met to make exchanges for short stays of military drills and nuclear/missile tests.

However, their entire goal up until now has always been the conquering and reign over South Korea. It's part of the reason why they insisted on building that "meeting room" with a clear dividing line between the two countries' borders: because, just like the US recognizing North Korea as a nuclear power would give them a better negotiating position, North Korea peacefully meeting with the "enemies of the Divine State" (South Korea and United States of America) would make them appear weak and their propaganda fall flat.

A big reason why Trump is able to do what no other world leader has ever been able to do is because he acted in a way that could get the North Korean regime to make a deal without losing face.

Just look at the reforms Kim has been making back home over the past few months: changing his wife's official designation from "Comrade" to "First Lady", stopping his nuke/missile tests (after previously ramping them up so much that they collapsed the mountain that they were testing underneath), the state media has started being more honest (such as covering the bad news about the bus crash with 30 dead Chinese tourists), etc. For a country like North Korea, this is on par with Saudi Arabia's speedy changes, where before they banned women from working or driving, but now they're having people of all sexes and backgrounds sit in the same theater and they're publishing state rules for what women will wear in the workforce (completely bypassing the debate of "should men and women sit in the same theater" or "should women be working").

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Have you thanked president Trump yet?

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Cool. Now gook is a unified term.

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