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The Crown contention is that the inclusion of the dog is an attempt to muddy the waters around him making, producing and posting the video.

From the article.

I was willing to take these guys at least somewhat seriously; regardless of how fucking stupid it was, the court was attempting to uphold a law.

And then I read that.

What the fuck. Are these guys literally retarded? Do they have some sort of disease, or disorder, or injury that has severely reduced their intelligence? "...the inclusion of the dog is an attempt to muddy the waters..." OK, another way to say that is "We think this man took the time to train his dog to lift his paw in a 'salute' so that he would have an excuse to say 'Gas the jews' on a Youtube video." How can someone fucking seriously think this. It is fucking irrational! Who the fuck would take the time to teach their dog a trick so they could say something on the internet? Most people are ecstatic that they managed to teach their dog to piss and shit outside! How many ways could someone try to get away with saying "Gas the jews" on Youtube, but decide TRAINING THEIR FUCKING DOG TO SALUTE is the way to go? Do they think he's psychotic? Are they psychotic?

And then the fucking cowards didn't even have the balls to make it real and send him to jail. They know they're going to get fucking skewered over this. I guess they were smart enough not to double down on their own bullshit.

That said, fuck that commie and his commie cunt GF.


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The conviction was literally based on context not mattering. The journalists are at least half of the problem here because these faggots keep either being intentionally dense or never researching anything at all while reporting on the situation.


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His best moment was destroying that slimy faggot journo on the street regarding context.

Same with JP and that BBC slag. Even if you don't like him in a general sense, making your enemies follow their own rules is the worst thing you can do to them. Because their whole stance is based on self-selecting themselves as societal moral watchdogs and proxy cultural interlocutors.

Once you pop that bubble, they shrivel like salted slugs.


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If you set foot in the UK, they will arrest you for having taken the time to write a rant on the Internet and quote some guy who used forbidden words, just so you would have an excuse to write "gas the jews".