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From the inside, I can tell you that the board is never asking about revenue. They honestly don’t care, and they said as much. They’re only asking about growth. They believe that if they have a billion unique visitors a month, that they have a property that is going to be worth a ton of money in some way eventually.

The heads of Reddit don't care about revenue because their purpose is to control the public discourse, and set the social narrative, and they are getting a ton of money from the Big Jews to do that.

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reddit is a cia honeypot, they don’t need money, they get their money for nothing and chicks for free.

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chicks for free.

Except that they're all literally gay pedos over there.

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children for free


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This cuck thinks Reddit didn't go far enough in censorship or going after "white supremecists"

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But never interrupt an enemy when they are making a mistake.

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It's funny how idiotic these lunatics are. The most basic, fundamental logic escapes them. Like, for instance, comparing Reddit's growth while they didn't censor with their growth after they started censoring content.

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Alexa ranks them 6th of Global websites, it's pretty hard to grow when just about everyone has heard of you. I'd bet reddit still gains more users than voat per day.

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He's not particularly good at making his point, but it seems his idea is that reddit failed in some way because it didn't put more censorship in place. I'd take the opposite view: reddit's failure was to abandon its ideals, that the Internet needed a platform to enable free speech not merely the theoretical possibility of free speech happening somewhere.

From a moral position like that, reddit could have facilitated dialog between opposing communities. Instead they focused on banning whatever made reddit look bad to the public - whether it was r/atheism on the frontpage or r/fatpeoplehate.

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They didn't start that way. That's what happened after they got bought by Conde Nast and then investors start getting squeamish about unpopular things on their service. I can't think of a good product that was ever improved by going public. In fact, if memory serves, going public has been the downfall of every good product I've known to go from private to public.

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hey it's sanegoat.

i'm making a replacement voat. and it's a non-profit! no public, not for fucking profit - simply, to uphold a place online for people to speak freely and without censorship as a service for the general welfare of society.

few more months and we go live.

this fat reddit executive can go choke on it's fat dog's dick for all i care.

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Discord knows what the right thing is. I had conversations with Jason [Citron] a year ago about the problem of white supremacy on his site, and he said, “I don’t want to invade their privacy by going into their channels and reading what they’re doing.” And I said, “They’re gonna cause deaths because you’re not doing that.” And he said, “You really think so?” And I said, “Yeah.” And sure enough they didn’t do anything, and sure enough deaths were caused because of the shit going on in their channels.

meanwhile blacks kill all races on a minute by minute basis. what a cuck

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Voice of a cancer itself. And the statement is never questioned. The closest thing I can think of is the police-aided fights and car crash in Charlottesville, unless some thing else is attributed.

On a deeper level, freedom is never free. Free speech can always, albeit often indirectly, lead to violence. If you keep freedom regulated to an extreme, things will only be able to boil over in a bloody revolution. Violence is intrinsic to the human psyche, as is deception.

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saint roof is an actually legitimate point for them

in the charlottesville case the fat hog died from an unfortunately timed heart attack

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Funny. They still think "alt-right nazis" caused deaths in c-ville, not the 300lb garbage-sow getting startled and having a heart attack.

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Keep in mind this ex-Reddit employee is saying they didn't censor enough content

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Ever been to T_D? You get blocked in to two seconds if you even question our dear leader.

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You'd think they'd be raking it in with ad revenue, or they're downplaying earnings to avoid taxes. It's like Google saying Youtube isn't profitable, it's pure BS.

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Ad revenue is not a sustainable business model and never was. Selling info to the deep state was always where the money was.

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Depending on Alphabet’s method of accounting for it, it is very possible YouTube is not profitable. No doubt it is cash flow positive and probably throws off a bunch of cash, but it could take a while to turn a profit if they are carrying a bunch of capitalized expenses or something.

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It's like Hollywood. No movie ever really makes money, they inflate the size of the marketing budget so that when it comes to taxes they only break even.

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same for me, when i have a premium account they suspend me without any reason...

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You bought yourself reddit gold? Hahaha, what an idiot!

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totally agree

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