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Dude I dont give a shit if people were gassed at Auschwitz. You are never guna have enough evidence to sway the majority. Genocide does happen though and is still happening today, in countries that the media doesn't give a shit about. I care more about the end result - Loss of freedoms, etc. than the circumstances of the transgression. People be asleep and they don't want to wake up. But that's the way it has always been.

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Glad you got me. I be black as night and your daughter likes my 9" dick.


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They reached me, and I was so entrapped by the holocaust propaganda that holocaust stories were my favorite books growing up. I read Auschwitz when I was 11 years old. Was drawn to the large black book with the strange name while browsing the public library. For some reason the stories just resonated, and I half wondered if the stories about jews reincarnated into goys in the years after the war weren't true.

These guys are not wasting their time. They are saving us one sheeple at a time.


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That's cool. You believe the earth is flat too? You seem that gullible.