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They are are just rounding up anyone in their 90's and charging them with made up crimes strictly to virtue signal.

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Inducing grandma to yell out 'Heil Hitler' and saluting is a gift that keeps on giving.

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Though their motives are certainly virtue-signaling, you should read about what the previous guard did:

Groening came to attention in 2005, after giving interviews about his work in the camp as an attempt to persuade Holocaust deniers that the genocide of around 6 million Jewish people had taken place.

He outed himself for the purposes of educating people like people in this thread. By his own admission he tallied up the confiscated property new prisoners, and he testified about the mass killings that he occasioned to witness, including the use of gassing.

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.and what does he get for "trying to help them"?

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It's not like there isn't precedent for this, Jew.

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"Hey, old fuck. Want to get tortured, or admit to holocausting us?"

Gee, I wonder what motive he could have had for 'admitting' to being party to the completely debunked holocaust.

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They are murdering witnesses to their lies.

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Nothing illustrates how fucked in the head International Zionism is like their incessant 'need' to fuck over geriatric former Internment/Forced Labor Camp employees.

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A guard, the geezer was probably just following orders, next they'll go after the janitors or office workers, or even the rations delivery guys. People who had no control over what happened in the camp.

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Today certain diseases like typhoid and polio and malaria are practically unknown. And because of that, the steps to eradicate them are even less known. Procedures like delousing showers would seem abusive by today's standards. Sprinkle in a bit of hyperbole and it turns into a horror story.

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He did nothing wrong.

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Of course he didn't. But nobody can ever know that truth: it undermines (((their))) plan.

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More Jewish Holohoax. This shit never happened, but so long as some fucking German is alive from that era, they'll keep pushing their worthless, god-less kike agenda.....

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Gas chambers seem to be a myth, but there is evidence that mass shootings apparently did take place. That is according to Marc Weber and David Irving, historians I trust.

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Who cares? The only thing Hitler did wrong was NOT killing those worthless fucking kikes when he had the chance. Hopefully we'll correct his fucking error.....

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They attack him because he knows the truth.

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About 20 years ago in the neighborhood I grew up in they came for a guy named Mr Demenjuk(can't remember how to spell his name). Anyway he was in his 70s, he came to America had a family and home and by all accounts was a quiet man who kept to himself. He was not pleasant to the younger kids but not many are when you're that age. The local, national and international media we're relentless in their pursuit to criminalize this alleged Nazi concentration camp gaurd. They claimed he was responsible for 1000s of murders. This man was not aging peacefully or in great health. I recall they eventually got him, they wheelchaired his ass out for everyone to see. Spent his remaining time in and out of court in a foreign country trying to be spared of prison. Made no sense to me, they had no evidence but wanted him at any cost.

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Jews are a very vengeful people, that's for sure.

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God damn. What will they do after these fuckers are all dead? Start digging up the graves of former guards they discover and pissing on the bones?

A mean ass fucking people.

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Yep. Anything to perpetuate “muh Holocaust!” Just like niggers with “muh slabery!” F’ck them both.

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Global Holocaust denial laws, like Germany. I think that's the end goal.

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