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What does any of this have to do with racism in any way whatsoever? If you’re sitting in my store, taking up a table and not buying a damn thing then I’m going to kick you out. Go fuck yourself

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I'm gonna bet they were being loud as fuck too

[–] lexsird 3 points 13 points (+16|-3) ago 

Drive people away, they will. Angry they are, violent they will be. Fighting and screaming, a white person craves none of these.

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Probably the reason why police was called, they may have been harassing customers too. No one will call cops if you're just sitting on table even if you don't order anything.

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The worse part of the DC metro is niggers. They fight. They scream. They attack people. They literally act like fucking monkeys. I've had to stop their shit a couple times over the years already.

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Bix noods be hootin and hollering.

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We've gone around the goddamn bend. Even the Black police chief was okay with this incident and the way it went down.

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Does this mean a new 'no purchase necessary' policy for Starbucks?

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I went to Starbucks for their wifi during a power outage elsewhere. Barista saw my laptop and asked if I didn't have power. She said ok, that's everyone else here now too. Please buy something to stay.

I bought a drink. Because that's what you fucking do in a store using their chairs, heat, wifi.

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Yes that's what it means

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f you’re sitting in my store, taking up a table and not buying a damn thing then I’m going to kick you out.

What's with the racism?


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Why are they pretending restaurants don't need to turn tables over to make money? Like what is this country coming to. No one is going to be able to do business or turn a profit anymore.

And I posted this before, but if I'm waiting at a coffee shop to meet someone, I just order a coffee and sip while I wait. It's not rocket science. If it's a normal restaurant, I tell the host I'm waiting and I understand if they want me to wait in the bar instead of at a proper table.

Did you see the pictures, btw? These two are supposed to be real estate moguls and they didn't have $2.00 for a coffee? One was in fucking sweatpants, that's how they show up to a 'business meeting'. Like come ON. Of course they got kicked out. They looked and acted like bums.

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Why are they pretending restaurants don't need to turn tables over to make money? Like what is this country coming to. No one is going to be able to do business or turn a profit anymore.

It's the ever-too-common situation of someone having already made up their mind of the offense, and are then on the lookout for a situation which can be claimed as the cause.

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They're drug dealers or thieves. They ain't in real estate. Go look at pictures of real estate guys in Philadelphia. None of them look like them.

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When a nigger breaks into your home or apartment... they are IN real estate.


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There only things they are moving are drugs or stolen goods. Even if they were legit they wouldn't have any customers. I bet if someone ran their names we will see dozens of arrests each

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Nothing was ever solved by adding more niggers. Instead of arresting all the protesters, tying them up in sacks and dumping them in the river, now niggers will scream racism every time a business expects them to spend money.

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More like leftists ruin everything.

Without leftist, we would've already deported all unproductive nigger or with criminal record for sure, and there will be no more nigger problem.

It's not blacks fault for existing, they are created to inhabit Africa and do some perpetual tribal war or even be slaves of more evolved races. It's leftist fault for enabling them and creating nigger problem in white nations.

Like this Starbucks incident for example. Nig is nogging like usual while the virtue signaling leftist fire an innocent person for doing their job. Starbucks CEO and the leftists pressuring him is more to blame than the niggers.

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Never seen anything improve by adding more niggers. Ever. Anywhere.

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Yep. Supermarkets need to operate at a loss for them. Businesses need to provide them with a free place to hang out etc.

[–] matthew-- 0 points 32 points (+32|-0) ago 

This is what happens when you target the SJW market.

It's no different than trying to do business in Africa. You'd think they'd keep you alive because they're dependant on you for food, but they'll still kill you and cry about it when they start starving to death.

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I was going to try to say that it's worse than trying to do business in Africa, but fuck, your analogy is actually completely fucking spot-on!

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Niggers don't bath.

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Are we living through the decline of civilization or what?

By freeing up a table, the manager did their job of making the experience better for their paying customers: regardless of race.

Many Starbucks are already super crowded. It's very difficult to get a table there in the best of circumstances. Sometimes it's hard to even find a quiet corner to just stand in. If you're not a paying customer, you shouldn't be taking up a table or bathroom away from paying customers. The experience of paying customers should come first for any business.

Starbucks is now going to be a total shithole as all kinds of lowlifes (again, this has nothing to do with race, there are white ones and brown ones too) are going to realize that managers have their hands tied and are going to be very hesitant about kicking anybody out: especially if they're in some kind of protected class.

Get ready for junkies to start shooting up in the bathroom. Starbucks can't deny anybody off the street now from using their restroom. Even white males who look homeless are going to get free reign. Can't wait for a woman to find some needles in there with her kid. Or can't wait to get some homeless using the sink as their shower and splash water all over the restroom floor and make the place dirty and disgusting. This happens even in nice parts of big cities: which is why they don't let just anybody off of the street use it anymore.

Starbucks is a doomed company. You can't invite the non-paying customers in to use up resources and alienate paying, polite customers and expect to thrive.

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And I hope every homeless nigger within 20 miles of any & all stores starts living in their bathrooms! Staff will be too afraid to even whine about it! Hahahahaha!

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Eh, it will always be ok to kick white people out to free up a table. Haven't bought a cup of Joe in the last 20 minutes, time for you to go whitey! It doesn't matter how much business you have given them, or that a bunch of blacks are hanging around and never bought a thing.

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Your attitude is why I haven't bought Starbucks in years. Plenty of people bring it to my office and I am not rude enough to refuse.

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Good. Next time a nigger shows up and washes his balls in the sink, everyone will be too worried about getting fired for not being politically correct enough to do anything, and all their customers will stop going there, because niggers are washing their balls in the sinks.

Fuck starbucks. Let it burn.

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Glad I got out of my job serving the public. Dealing with tons of homeless people, thieves, and druggies for minimum wage. Then some asshole with an iphone records you when you finally catch somebody doing something wrong.

I hope every table has a homeless person sleeping on it.

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Youre thinking too small. I hope every starbucks in culturally enriched by an army of "aspiring street artists" who will carve their tables and grace their walls with poorly drawn dicks and tits. And anyone that speaks against such "art" will be banned permanently for trying to racistly infringe upon a beautiful diverse person of colors freedom of speech.

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Yeah they just advertised on national television that nogs can now loiter at Starbucks and cry das racis when being told to leave.

I don't see this backfiring almost immediately and causing their routine customers i.e. SJWs that love minorities until they have to deal with them to leave in a mass exodus /s.

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Yep, let's destroy this company to the ground. Nothing pleases me more than seeing any leftist suffer.

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I demands free use of the bathroom brah! I ain't buying shit, nigga!

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Is there even 1 honest lefty out there who has come out and said "Ok, we don't want to see anybody arrested unnecessarily and maybe Starbucks escalated this a bit too quickly, but also maybe people shouldn't expect to use a store as a hangout without buying something".

Haven't seen any comments like that from any lefties.

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They are too stupid to comprehend how a business works

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It happens to be a hospitality business and not a legal collections office.

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I don't go to Starbucks (because their coffee stinks) but now I never will have anything to do with those nigger butt kissers.

[–] bagano1 1 points 14 points (+15|-1) ago 

They're marks now. Blacks are going to try this at every Starbucks now to get a payday.

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“It’s lewd, lascivious, salacious, outrageous!”

~Jackie Chiles

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Tried it once when they first opened here. I ordered some kind of fancy coffee with a pastry. The coffee was meh, the pastry was stale and they both cost more than I normally spend on food in a day.

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Is this what passes for news these days? Two men escorted out of a business for loitering? Holy fuck, stop the presses!

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