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We can't live in a free society with censorship, it's time for government regulation of social media.

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hahaha right wingers brains exploding hovering over up or downvotes here

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Good, we need more conservatives who don't tow the party line. Towing the party line is how you get rinos and jew lovers in office.

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Facebook recently suspended a user for calling Germans "stupid" and blaming left-wing media. They claimed this was in fact a violation of their hate speech policies, and yes directly attacking national origin is a violation. But a court recently filed an injunction saying that Facebook must unban the user and that they cannot delete his comment if he decides to post it again.

What is most alarming here is that Facebook has determined that called Germans "stupid" is a bannable offence.

What is next? Well, Facebook says it dreams of a future where hate speech is policed by artificial intelligence.

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what happens when we say artificial intelligence is stupid? will THAT be hate speech soon? facebook is high

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it's all bullshit. Faceberg is going to violate free speech as long as they can because they can afford to. they will continue to hush any conservative outlet, while allowing the smoke screen faux opposition.

Faceberg is part of the left wing media industrial jew poz complex and will not stop, until people stop using it.

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Haven't seen him posted here before. I imagine they will be calling him a Jew shill in no time.

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Oy vey, this is precedent for other accounts and other websites. Perhaps I will get my Twitter account restored.