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If the Muslims had of asked the major to lower the flag, it would of been lowered and I doubt any complaints would of been made. The question that should be asked why didn't the Muslim community ask for the flag to be lowered?

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The real question is why are there Muslim communities in Canada to begin with.

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because stupid!

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Yeah like whet the fucking fuck.

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that's a rhetorical question because muslims will never consider that type of gesture as worthy of anything. Only Allah matters, the flag nor the sentiment behind it doesn't mean anything

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I agree completely with your comment, but please work on your grammar.

Start with replacing every instance of the word "of" with "have".

Sorry. It just got to me.

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If only I would have known. Thanks for the feedback.

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Because life is valueless to Muslims

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“I didn’t see RATPAC [sic] calling for us to lower the flag when a man shot 25 Canadian Muslims in their Quebec mosque in January. Or when police turned up seven bodies of gay men murdered by a serial killer in Toronto. Or for the hundreds of murdered indigenous women,” he wrote.

They turned it into another anti-white fest. They appear to be Legion these days.

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Isn't this about the flag in front of the hockey arena? What does a mosque shooting have to do with a hockey arena?

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You can't argue with illogic.

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A mosque shooting in an entirely different province no less.

[–] R34p_Th3_Wh0r1w1nd 1 points 11 points (+12|-1) ago 

It certainly would be a shame if the mayors house caught on fire...

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I agree with the mayor. If it was the town of Humboldt, it would be different. But you can't go lowering your flag for every other city's tragedies. Then again, I"m strict in my flag policies; I don't think the gay flag should fly on city hall where the city flag is supposed to fly, ever, for example. Flags and badges are sacred traditions that should be honoured properly.

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It's the flag at the local arena, not city hall.

At the arena makes 100% sense. I understand if you don't at City Hall...but refusing at the local arena....

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Junior hockey players don't usually play in their home towns. They can end up far from home and are billeted with families in the city or town where they play. For parents whose kids are in junior hockey, this was a big shock. They all probably feel like it would have happened to their son if things had played out just a bit differently. That's part of why all of Canada has responded to this. It wasn't just 16 kids in one town. They have ties all over the country.

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It's a community thing, the players go all over, and the town that was being asked regularly hosted games for the kids. I get what you're saying, but eh. It's a lot closer to home than the mayors examples of the Mosque shootings a whole province away.

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Soon to be ex mayor, next elections.

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One can hope. Being Canada, they'll probably celebrate his decision and reelect his faggot ass.

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If the mayor's family was one of the kids I bet he would've lowered the flag.

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F*cking waste of space government employees.

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I basically feel the same way as the mayor, minus the nigger fag and indian elements. Thousands of people get maimed every day, most of us wouldn't give a fuck about them. Just because someone is a hockey player doesn't mean I should care. In fact, the fact that every store I've been to recently has been begging for donations I think I'll just be an asshole and say I really don't give a fuck. fuck a flag.

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Username checks out.

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Agreed. Hockey players are intrinsically non-valuable to society in the long run.

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Found the fucking yank

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