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Near Homs huh? Right by the Israeli border.

1 rare Pepe says It's Israel.

edit: Looks like I was right.

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Russia might deliver S-300s to Syria. You see the story that China might help Iran go nuclear? https://sputniknews.com/asia/201804161063627375-iran-team-china-nuke-deal/

Don't forget that Netanyahu is still under criminal investigation, and if he goes down there's a good chance the next Israeli leader is a liberal. That is to say the next Israeli leader will believe the Jew's own bullshit about 'human rights' and multiculturalism, it will mark the beginning of the end for the Zionist project.

Not to mention this stuff about a 'Shia landbridge'. Netanyahu must be in panic mode.

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How about the story that Trump actually considering hitting Russian and Iranian targets in Syria before the recent attack?

I doubt that Netanyahu will go quietly. As much as I want the Zionists to fail they have a way of jewing their way into power one way or the other. I think Israel would become a totalitarian state before Netanyahu willingly steps down.

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Yeah, I always use the propaganda lead by the Russian intelligence agency to make claims too.

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The jews are escalating the conflict.

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Just like they always do. Pretty much every war of the past hundred years if not more is their fault.

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I think they should do it on their own. And we should have all our missile defenses at home in case of their Samson bullshit.

Seriously, why should we help a country that says: “If we go down, we’re taking the rest of the world with us!”. How about fuck you, defend your damn selves while the rest of the world figures out a way to stop your Doomsday plans.

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Nuke those kikes.