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Can’t they just disassemble him and toss him in a Pelican case?

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He said sorry and people have forgotten. Now they can carry on to the next outrage.

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next outrage.

I hear people don't want niggers in their starbucks.

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Darn, the cost of posting all these 'gun free zone' signs around him is higher than I would have imagined...

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I'm suprised at the ones getting by with only 300 grand in security expenses.

Hiring a decent bodyguard with experience in protecting a principal and not just some random ex cop. Gunna run 100k a year.

Need 21 of those to have a 5 man team guarding you 24/7. And thats no sick days no vacation. So lets add 4 more to rotate in and out and have some "on call" in case of a call in. 2.5 million right there. And really, the best guys in security (ex secret service) can run you 150-200k a year. but 100k makes the math easy and yah you can get a real actual professional bodyguard/paramedic/driver for 100k a year. Not to mention using this metric we are trying to keep these guys at 40 hr work weeks 8 hr shifts. That in itself is a serious benefit to offer to guys doing bodyguard work. You'll absolutely attract some skilled, experiences applicants at even only 100k offering that kind of schedule. A former blackwater contractor used to protecting generals in afghanistan is gunna be very happy with you offering him 100k a year to babysit a billionaire in Newyork 40hrs a week.

Now...Everytime you fly...they fly. Tickets. Need hotel rooms lets nto forget. Plus on trips your expected to feed them. Also, I'd recomend setting something aside every year for bonuses and potential severance packages (I'd rather not have angry ex security guard I had to let go. Severance packages help take the sting out of a firing. Or if a guy works for me a long time I want him to get some retirement cash out from me) So let's add another 500k to that number right there and really might be low balling that honestly.

Now we are at 3 million a year. Now you also need property security for when your not home and you're body guards are with you. Let's say you are not crazy with the owning homes as a billionaire and only have 2.

Ok for 24/7 365 armed security on your propety lets just say 1 guy at a time. gunna need 5 guys for each property at least. And I personally wouldn't want anyone I can get for less than 40k a year. And me personally I'm gunna give them some nice bonuses as long as nothing goes missing and they are doing a good job. I want those people HAPPY to work for me. Not to mention always setting at least something aside for retirement/severance. So let's just add on another 10k a year. So grand total 50k a year per guy 5 guys. 250k

So 250k a property for round the clock protection. 2 properties. 500k

So were at 3.5 million now. To be honest I again feel like I'm lowballing a lot of this or leaving things out like. Armormed car maintenance or something like that.

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how much does a blackwater mercenary run these days?

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Pretty sure over seas they make about 120-160k a year.

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Even behind the walls that surround his homes?