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and not one thing will come of it oy vey

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Some brave hero needs to slip some marijuana into Clinton's purse, that'd finally get Sessions after her.

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Yep, we’ll never hear about this again

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If the lawyers a kike and the judge is a kike then it's all legal.

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hillary is a cia propaganda clown.

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https://archive.fo/xGieD :

'MONEY LAUNDERING SCHEME': Hillary, DNC Funneled $84 Million Through State Parties To Avoid Campaign Finance Laws, Lawsuit Claims | Daily Wire

'On Monday, a lawsuit was filed against the Federal Election Commission (FEC) with the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia that claims the government entity has ignored complaints alleging that the Hillary Clinton Campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) funneled money through state parties to avoid campaign finance laws. '

'"A provision of federal campaign finance law requires that any Commission action on an enforcement matter be kept strictly confidential until the case is resolved," an FEC statement to Fox News states. '

'The lawsuit was filed by Committee to Defend the President (CDP), a political action committee that used to be called Stop Hillary PAC, and alleges that the Hillary Victory Fund (HVF) sent millions of dollars in donations it received into a money laundering scheme to skirt campaign finance laws. '

'The political action committee claims that even though the FEC acknowledged receipt of the complaint and claimed that an investigation would be conducted, the needle has barely moved. ... '

' "To comply with this legal commitment and to protect the interests of those involved, we have a policy of not commenting on matters that are before the agency."'

This has been an automated message.

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TIP. all the archive sites are either fake or complicit.

I say this because I've seen archived sites get changed in the archive. Not the actual manipulation of the site but they'll just swap the xGieD with another archived URL and delete the snapshot from the record.

Because of that, use archive.org, then archive.fo/is the archive.org. I've noticed archive.fo/is seems to understand that and stores a secondary record because it knows it's archiving a 3rd party competitor.

I duno if they're scared and actually comply but it's the only way I feel safe archiving this stuff now.

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archive.org "Wayback Machine"

Literally the only archive site I have ever noticed to have stuff come up missing.

I've been using archive.is for a long time now without anything missing. The only issue I have ever seen with it is at one point, long ago, their one click save didn't work. Works now, saves the page, gives a download link so you can have a "hard copy".

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Sometimes you're given the option to use a previously archived version. Could that be the discrepancy?

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Only $84 mil?

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Go on..........

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here is another thing this CUNT will get away with.

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All this legal work for nothing.

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Jews gonna jew

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3 posts in one cause i got the 24 hour ban @atko @esoteric_shade @putitout @angelafogo

VOAT is a child porn hub! And mods say i posted child porn! LIE LIE LIE I did not post child porn ANYWheRE EVER!! Pizzagate mods and posters KNOW ABT THE CHILD PREDATORY CHAT PICVID TRADE SUBS -THEY LIKE IT. VOAT=Zero credibility.


@Voatiscia by ur name I wonder...but look for your self I won't click open any of it. Go to search voat if you cant find that on the site like I couldn't you can Google search voat andbitbwill give you the search bar. Then type in jailbait. Regarding what I posted about the top trending hashtag board being a message board for pedos on Twitter and the image of the follower I got was from using hashtag PANCAKEDAY. I posted the followers acount to make a point about Twitter soliciting child porn via use of the hashtags.after I reported it to FBI. What would be a dick in vagina is a detail, but that has no bodies attached. There's no torso, nor hips it's just a dick going in a hole you cannot tell if that's a little girl or adult being penetrated. Or a man. The links are blocked out. This is ridiculous that I am defending myself to PORN PERPETRATORS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE IN THIS SITE. SHAME ON YOU! GOD PROTECT US FROM THIS TYPE OF TRICKERY!!!!!!

The point that I am making, is that I was on to the code, together if the post weren't removed it could have actually been possible to bust at least a few pedos peddling their wares on Twitter.

It made NO SENSE to try to say I was intending as stupid @srazie keeps sayinh to get people into pressing CP links.

VERY odd!!! So I looked at what they are hiding on voat.

Yep indeed. PEDO shit. And they are all about it. They know all about it all this time.

Meaning the mods know very well and @kevdude said something about how they tolerated @millenial-falcon...said something weird to me, ill go find it...I wonder if they fired mf cause he hated the child predators chat subs on voat?

found out abt the pedo subs the day nameof was banned. I was nameof. The post listed alot more than just jailbait but I was too busy to read it.

Although i was banned from Pizzagate only. Im sure that indicator fucked with my password so I cold no longer log on to voat at all from any device. Hence namodam.

Now I see the mods have written to me on the hour I shit you not &, i can't post cause they got some kind of 24 hour ban on me Them talking about reporting me to Law Enforcement Is Good cause then the FBI will take care of all the pedo subs on voat!

Please do!

Call the police on yourselves!!!!!

I reported v@vindicator to FBI for posting me that him and @putitout have my Ip and machine id, and that MY DAYS ARE NUMBERED.

Wow, lame a terrorist threat. Not worried. I never posted child porn.

Just depressing to spend a year talking to folks who harbor child porn in the style of true creeps, in front of everyone's face. That's how its done by LUCIFERIANS.



What I posted was a screenshot of a Twitter account page that followed my Twitter account! THE POST I MADE I MARKED NSFW!!! I said it's safe because it was as far as toxic links. The warning was there as far as graphicly.

And by the way, the image is not "as child porn as you can get" what garbage spout.

go to @VINDICATORS Twitter feed and find it, it's posted to him there repeatedly and as I say it's not an illegal image. His handle is @vindic8tr and if it were illegal it would be an issue. And it's not except for here in Voat.

Remember the issue is that I found a pedophile code being used on twitter, that's the info that's getting shut out.

I've posted that screenshot everywhere now as sort of a voat meme Right beside the post indicator finger gave me that Threatens me about having my ip AND MACHINE ID & he says that my says are numbered.

When i posted, it was taken down for having links within the screenshot to child porn, I was told. SO I covered the links with photo editor!!

I reposted it .

My post was talking about Twitter top trending hashtags as messages and that hashtag pancake day = flatchested child <br> That's what im banned for. Catching Twitter using code then voat shuts my post down. <br>

WHY WOULD pizzagate vOAT mods DO THAT? Miss r saying I posted a rape image. Lie. There's a detail on the image that shows a phallus penetrating an orifice. No one can say how old the orifice is or if it make or female.

There is a reason for the compulsive behaviour maybe why @MILLENIAL_FALCONS NOT here anymore. Voat harbors huge pedophile community. Pizzagate is their learning board. These people think they are smart. <br>

JAILBAITANON voat b is only one pedo subforums here. I've been taking lots and lots of screenshots and posting them to the FBI too. <br>

So anyway anyone who says I post child porn is living human waste.<br>

like I said, perfect example here @srazie deflecting the fact I call out voat for harboring a sado pedo predatory Zone and safe place.

PizzagateVOAT is a real hoax bc it's not making anything but



BUT TO FOLKS WHO DONT know- LYING @SRAZIE KNOWS MY POST WAS MARKED NSFW, the LIAR ALso knows I reported the TWITTER accnt page I took the screenshot of to FBI bc it states in my post, PRIOR TO POSTING THE SCREENSHOT ON VOAT

if you read any of that SCRaZY'S posts you can detect more than a little mania and obsessiveness, .

Think logically. There's a small group of LOYAL ppl who mod and post to pizzagate voat, post on voat, and use voat as a psychological tool. Pizzagate is a tool.<br> <br> VOAT IS NEITHER SAFE FOR KIDS NOR OPEN TO FREE SPEECH THAT IS THE HOAX.

As long as you have sheep herders like sCrazie and @vindicator blowing up all this nonsense in your face, like Q posts and voat rules... so nobody sees what's up with all this JAILBAITANON. Children sex video/pictures you guy$ trade. It makes my stomach turn. Un American. As long as that's what's up you GOOD PEOPLE are being DUPED AND used.

LETS SEE SCRAZY Make ATIF COLO take down the pedo subs, why don't you instead of slandering me and trying to make me vanish. Evil.

Not surprised by More Lies from crazy @srazie , thERES ALOT INVESTED IN THIS PHONY RESEARCH PAGE, MORE SO FOR SOME FOLKS .

I love that @srazie hears my voice on the Chans and warns mods here that I am everywhere. Flattered as well as weirded out.

What's real is I don't have alts, and I don't block people. This may change because Now that vindy & scrazy have banned me from several forums for raising my voice against the false disgusting lie that I posted CP, since then I can't log on from any other device. Says it doesn't know me. SO NAMODAM IS WHO I AM NOW. Thanks Better name.

Vindy threatENED TO DOX OR HARM ME OR MAYBE HE/SH/IT JUST MEANT ILL BE KCKED OFF VOAT SOON BY: <br> <br> "YOUR DAYS are numbered "and that he and or he and " @putitout have YOUR IP and machine ID. " <br>


The last post I made was marked NSFW. Stop lying TO PEOPLE! PEOPLE Start looking


What I posted TO VOAT is there for anyone to see. So what's in it for O.C.D crazy SCRazie??



3.Right millenialfalcon got the boot and that was heads up to me that things were weird. The name namodam came to me last night, but guess what it's not my alt it's my new name. So please call me it. I don't have ALTS and I don't block anyone. Those options are for wimps I guess that's not my style. I want to confront this bullshit face first. No I did not post child porn. I am just a little bit offended by that and I won't settle for it from a site that harbors sheist like this

This is indefen$ible<br> "Anything that enter$ will have a difficult time exiting." https://ibb.co/cg8D2S

That's VOAT!!!!!

Your deflection is so meaningless and shallow regarding the paranoid alt situation. In light of the cold cold evil it takes to ignore the fact I BRING FORWARD: VOAT HOSTS THIS TYPE OF SEXUALLY SADO PREDATORY TOWARD kids chat and pic trade forums

You've done it. You have ignored child sexualization on Voat, and focused a weak lame attack on Me.