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Most transparent administration ever.

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If you like your doctor, you can keep it to yourself.

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Throw the man another nobel!

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He also legalized propaganda.
Can’t forget about the propaganda.

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Good God. Barry is a fucking homo. Him and his husband are going down as the first queer nigger president. Fucking scumbag nigger murderers. I hope your nigger husband rapes your nigger asshole just like you raped the American people.

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yes. imagine jacob rotschfucks face when he made that shit up, "im gonna make a kenyan nigger faggot the president, and im gonna pair the faggot with a fucking nigger dude"

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Look how much money he spent (our money) sealing and protecting his college records, former tax records and birth records from the voting pubic. They are probably hidden under his nonexistent work boots somewhere. Tip of the iceberg with Dumbo.

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Good thing the Obama Admin earned that money right...


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His administration was rich! I wonder what they did for a living?