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I'm travelin' down the road

I'm flirtin' with disaster

I've got the pedal to the floor,

My life is running faster

I'm out of money, I'm out of hope,

It looks like self destruction

Well how much more can we take,

With all of this corruption

We're flirtin' with disaster,

Ya'll know what I mean

And the way we run our lives,

It makes no sense to me

I don't know about yourself or what you want to be, yeah

When we gamble with our time,

We choose our destiny


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The Clintons are yesterday's news. They just haven't quite figured that out, yet.

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The Clintons will be pushed back in the news once this laptop video is released.


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Whats the deal with the video? I've heard rumors but nothing solid. God Emperor Trump also made mention about if you ask for it you'll be banned so whatever it is its juicy, right?

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hildabeast is a good person according to drumph

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Served his purpose so now can be thrown to the wolves to present a veneer of accountability and justice to the masses. The present crew are carrying on from him regardless

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So they are going after them for destroying Libya which was a bulwark against Islam?

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Wee wee ready your anus Sarkozy wee wee. You about ready to do some kissing and surrendering Sarkozy?