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You are giving too much credits.

They are no predators, just violent low IQ scums and need to be deported by to the shithole they crawled from.

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Us whites are the most dangerous predators on the planet, the day will come.

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The real predators here have muzzles on them. The king of the jungle is and always will be the united anglo-saxon man.

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Amen, awaken to white brotherhood.

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They're not predators. They're parasites.

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they seem to be knocking the shit out of most of Europe right now...

  • but I get where you're coming from

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Because of white man's laws enforcing civility. White men have something to lose. Dumb fuck refugee who literally gets away with murder? The rules don't apply like they do to whites. Don't get it fucked up. If we could get away with it they'd be dieing in the thousands. Look at what happened in New Orleans when the law slipped and whites got a chance to let loose.

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We haven't started playing cowboys and commies yet.

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they are opportunists not predators. like vultures or hyenas. they don't hunt they scavenge and loot

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We're not trapped in here with them.

They're trapped in here with us...

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Because war is also the natural state. It weeds out the weak.

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Fuuuuuck I hunt preditors, these are just more low information voters

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What does that make you?

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