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Import the third world, become the third world.

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Be insulated, prosperous, safe, and naive, become overly agreeable, elect feminists, demonize masculinity, effectively destroy social conservatism, traditionalism, and Christianity, and consequently permit the female and nu-males to import dominant and aggressive males from a repressive, dogmatic, and male-dominated culture that has all the expansive energy you've destroyed.

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Only way to fix that shit is reverting back to, ironically, repressive, dogmatic, and male-dominated Swedish culture of the middle ages.

How are you going to fight mujahideens without having crusader's mindset? Surely domesticated progressive numales would already tremble from holding a gun...

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Omg that was brutally true

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Oooh, so tolerant!

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Thank you! I'd seen outtakes but never the whole thing. Oooo So Tolerant.

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white genocide!

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Sweden's way of life only worked because they were like one giant village.

Same people, shared values, everything that guy destroyed by importing violent foreigners who believe nothing that you do.

Old Sweden is dead forever.

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Its nothing a good ol' genocide can't fix.

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That would reduce the foreigners, but Sweden would be hardened. It would be more like Poland, having survived oppression, rather than innocent Sweden of the past....

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If everyone works hard and is homogeneous "one village works." That would work (Germany in the late 1930s) if everyone had a great work ethic. Hitler often used ants or bees as examples.

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Or just you know an actual family or community as it's supposed to be. Cut throat capitalism anything for a buck isn't right, and neither is commie bastards slaves to the state.

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This! I spent some time there years ago and was amazed at how little income gap there was between 'welfare' and working. Coming from the US, I couldn't understand how they didn't just end up with millions of free-loaders. (Even with the obvious reason aside...) I felt as though I had a big realization there; that what works in one place and situation, simply may not in another.

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Those life were destroyed by pussies.

Imagine if a viking from back then imported enemy combatant into his villages to rape prepubescent girls. He would've already been crucified by other vikings.

Modern swedish pussies don't even have the balls to crucify anyone. Nah fuck, they don't even have the balls to hand death penalty! Natural selection is doing its work nicely. Weak genes will eventually perish.

Western progressives were begging to be genocided. Jews, muslims, niggers, etc are doing them a favor, really.

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And strangely I’m starting to hear fewer and fewer Europeans lecturing Americans about our “crime problem” stemming from our “gun culture” these days...

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This is the problem. You can't expect a 3rd world person to adapt. EVER. PERIOD. They just take advantage of all the programs & call you a racist for not speaking 'niggerish'. I'm surprised it took them this long to admit they fucked up.

Diversity IS NEVER the answer. Look at the Feminist bridge in Florida. That was a diverse action team. Bridge lasted all of two days & killed people because "Woman can build things just as strong but more beautiful than men"

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Diversity is the answer for those pesky white problem who represent a hurdle toward globalist ambition. Genocide them using political correctness oy vey.

Revenge for the 6 gorillions!

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The problem is people when they hear "Diversity is our strength" never question, WHOS strength it is. (Its the jews, using 3rd world invasion with diversity as a cover story. Its their strength.)

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Pinnacle of white civilization? That place was a socialist feminist shithole before they started importing their boy toys. Lol.

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Look up Queen Christina of Sweden who ruled in the early 1600's, completely filled with proto-feminism and also lots of rumors of lesbian acts.

Typically, from a historical stand point we usually ignore most accusations because at the time political rivals threw them all over the place, (for example we don't have a clear depiction of even someone as famous as Alexander the Great's personality because of biased writers). Nonetheless, the surviving evidence especially with Christina's personal love letters basically points toward her being a lesbian.

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The socialist-feminism caused the latter problem. Before the marxists got their claws on it it was a nice place.

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Women politicians did.

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