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It looks like he was hoping a non confrontational stance would defuse any problems. That doesn't work with feral animals.

You are right, this won't get any play with the MSM, and this is why you call the cops on them like in the Starbucks case.

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Black community is based on feeling good, nothing more.

Its the ancient mentality that got them stuck in Africa until a white built a boat and offered them a ride.

Teach a nigger to fish, and he'll attack you for thinking you're better than him, then attack you for having more fish than him. Then when you're both equal, he'll attack you for grabbing his attention. At no point do they think they need to do anything to better their situation, it's our job and for some reason we can't call it slavery anymore. Facebook might be right, you might need to just make people think things and get on the boat of the people driving that thought.

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it's our job and for some reason we can't call it slavery anymore.


We've went from having nigger slaves to being nigger's slaves.

Think about it, fellow White Gibs slaves.

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Niggers are retarded. I know one that loves his car and it wouldn't start one day. Asked him if he wanted a jump and he looked confused. A few questions later and I realize he didn't know where his battery was or how to jump it. He had no idea how to do basic troubleshooting on something he was passionate about. I just changed the subject and let him call someone while I drove home laughing. This is a smart one with a bachelor's degree and a decent job, too.

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Outstanding breakdown. I might have an old lady needlepoint that, so I can hang it on my wall!

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But what are the cops going to do to the MSM?

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"Dog bites man" isn't news. By not publicizing, it's the tacit admission that this is normal.

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3 white teenagers beat down black security guard - national news. Hate crime. Grand jury convened. Special prosecutor flown in.

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I'll mail you a $250 cashier's check if you can find that news story.

Oh wait, whites aren't fucking ANIMALS.

Also I'm not gonna mail you any money so don't bother trying.

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Followed by a National Discussion: " Why are White Males so racist and violent? "

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"Dog bites man" isn't news. By not publicizing, it's the tacit admission that this is normal.

Holy shit, you just explained it perfectly.

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Every time a single black guy has talked shit and he realizes he'd have to fight he's backed down. Every time they look around for other black people to join them and when they see they're alone they back down.

Every time I've seen a black guy fight it's always been several black people against one person. I've seen a group of black women chase and beat a white woman in the middle of an intersection.

It's never one on one

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If you step up to a bucking nigger and he backs down, you are about to get sucker punched by one you didn't see.

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Fucking Truth #seenthisshit

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I guess different animals have different predatory techniques. They seem to be kind of like wolves that way; pack animals.

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It's like those straight edge pussies.

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Only honest statement out of Hillarys mouth ever

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JFC. In this left-deviated media, it won't get as nearly as much media attention, but we have to raise hell about this so it does. Share with friends and on social media if you have any.

Fuck this double standard.

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I like how the bikini girl is just standing there looking like it's something she sees everyday. '' ooo girl Tyrone beat that pussy ass white boy. He so bad. I might let him give me a 7th baby''

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It was a display of physical dominance.

I bet thems panties were soaking, and she ain't be in da pool yet.

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With her bottoms so far up her ass I don't think she was doing much thinking. Probably thought it was a rap video shoot and wanted to twerk but a guy gets jumped instead.

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And her vote counts as much or more than yours and mine. (I say more because she probably votes twice or more).

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I could see that happening in the future. Since they can't get reparations for slavery, and because of their minority status, some liberal lawmaker will make a law that they get 2 votes. And most of the Republican congress will vote for it to keep from being called a racist.

I really believe we will see them get reparations for slavery or something similar in our lifetime, unless there is some dramatic change soon.

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Niggers gonna nig, this is normal street ape behavior. Its not news.

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Never let your guard down around feral animals, and always call for backup first before engaging them.

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"Around niggers, hands on triggers"

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