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Yeah but the hockey mask industry is BOOMING!


Note to self: Have financial investor look into British farming equipment; sickles, pitchforks, chainsaws... and overalls - grey ones!

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Enjoy your niggers London. You wanted them. You think diversity is somehow a good thing. enjoy being eaten alive by these animals.

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Remember when a lot of Europeans would call Americans racist because of our hate of niggers? I think there are probably a lot of those same Europeans sitting around today saying "fucking niggers".

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I admit, that's me. I now totally understand.

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Yeah, gonna have to go ahead and disagree with you there, Tim. No Brit ever looked around and said, you know what this place needs? Niggers! It was the fucking kikes and the native Brits were never given a chance to say NO.

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Remember that you get the same "Insight" to their countries as they get to ours... MSM bullshit. You hear what they want you to hear. I'm sure there are just as many pissed off based folk in these European countries as their are in America, just as a Europeaner watching the news would think every American would want to get ass fucked by these niggers, too. Always remember who the (((real enemy))) is.

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They didn't want them at all, only some deluded SJWs or middle class people who have never really met blacks. The rest doesn't, it's just being forced upon them.

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But how? I mean with all the knife bins and all.

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If a machete can't fit through the slot you can't use the bin!

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Of course of coures, also machetes are part of their culture.

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And people can not defend themselves. Geez seems there is an agenda or something.

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Diversity is our strength.... if you survive the machete attack. Guaranteed workout, improved survival skills, the attacker is also afforded a vigorous workout.... thus affirming the notion that diversity is indeed strength.

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What fucking planet are white women on?

It's really more of a state than a planet. The state of denial.

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YOu quoted it from OldEnglish above, and I will add that a hell of a lot of white women are just as pissed off as white males. Just look at Katie Hopkins, now there is a white middleclass woman that tells it as it is. A lot of white limpwristed males are also useless BTW. Stop making sweeping assumptions. I am a white woman and also don't fit your narrative and neither do any of my friends.

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Well.. as long as they butcher another nogger or mudslime.. Then what the hell.. ¯/(ツ)

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