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"The Food Stamp President" is not gonna be happy. How do you overwhelm the system when people are finding jobs?

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The politicians that made their bread on America being "world police" are going to starve, if they don't wind up in jail.

This whole country was setup to police the world that didn't cooperate with the Rothschilds bank. I hope Trump doesn't think we're in 1492 and lifts the veil of why things got so bad.

If he doesn't, it's doomed to repeat

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What happened to those 500,000? Hath the ICEman cometh for them?

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Another win!

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So where are all the dead starving people?

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Don't worry, they'll vote democrat next election. Dead people always vote democrat.

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One day we will all voat Democrat. And that day will be the first election after we die.

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Look to Ireland if you want to see where out of control welfare will get you. ESRI (government think tank) released a report a few years back that found 40% of Irish workers would be financially better off on welfare. Report got pulled one day after publication and the author was dismissed, but the findings weren't even challenged. Our black community, who hail exclusively from Africa cos we have no historical black communities here, enjoy a 62% unemployment rate according to official figures. That's right, a bunch of nogs from far flung lands are scratching their holes and living off the sweat of native brows, while 40% of our own work to achieve the same lifestyle as the imported layabouts out of some misdirected sense of pride.

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Stop working and it will fall apart faster. Work only to support your needs in ways that can't be taxed. My family is from Abbyville long ago!

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Not enough. Unless you're just completely unable to work at anything, you should be working. No free rides.

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I've known extremely disabled who still worked. Even if it was just crafts at their day center that someone sold on weekends at flea markets.

Lefts model Stephen fucking hawking should have just watched daytime TV collecting gibs.

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Best part is the system aggressively goes after you as soon as you drop gibs. With tactics that would make comcast blush.

Back on the voting plantation!

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