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Stop calling the police if you hurt someone. Due process is clearly out the fucking window.

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If you shoot them in the back quickly flip the body over and shoot them more times in the front. Say they fell As you kept shooting. Then it’s less likely to get you in trouble.

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It's fine to shoot someone in the back. Don't know where that meme came from, but there's no reason not to shoot someone in the back if they're in your home.

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I give forensic investigators more credit than that. Though, it is good to be sure your assailant isn't going to attack you further.

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Hey it's a gif of me!

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Pigs will pig. That’s all that pigs do.

Fuck a pig before a pig fucks you.

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Fucking pigs is not my fetish. More for you, I guess.

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The police report is determined by who called them first.

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Dead men make no calls.

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Should have burnt him in the park and left a typed suicide note saying it was a protest against global warming.

And of course, don't be so stupid as to live stream what you are doing.

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Shiiit. So that's what happened to that guy. Makes sense. Gays do reproduce through abuse of minors.

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Shoot, Shovel, and Shutup

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Oh Ralph.

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Calling the police for anything is stupid. They have nothing to offer you but grief.

Police are scum coward faggots.

I know there is at least one pig reading this.


Your gun, taser and faggot badge will not protect you retard scumbag.

Just your little worthless brain to defend yourself and any sort of dreams of honour that you tell yourself, retard.


Filthy dumb fucks got nothing. Nothing.

As for hog tying the pedo piece of shit, that was stupid. They should have not filmed anything and beat the faggot within an inch of his life....

Teach him a lesson he will never forget.

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Wait a minute, there's a flaw here. Why are there crickets in your house?

[–] Deplorablepoetry 1 points 5 points (+6|-1) ago 

I live in a very tall building...and yet I did find a cricket. It stowed away in a bundle of green onions that I carried home from the grocery store. It jumped out of the refrigerator when I went to grab a beer. I looked at it and said out loud “holy fuck! That looks like a cricket!....holy fuck! It is a cricket!” Then I scooped him up in a piece of paper towel and flushed him down the toilet.

He never made a sound, we hardly knew each other and yet, sometimes when I have a crap I think about that cricket, and fart.

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The girl's mother reportedly invited the man to her home

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To me, that's the line they crossed, and most headlines leave that out. You can't invite someone to your house and then detain him.

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Then every arrest Chris Hansen helped with is suspect as well.

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I don't recall them illegally detaining anyone. I do recall them setting up pedos and turning over the documented information to law enforcement. Clearly different.

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If you don't get this, you don't belong on Voat because you don't understand anything that's going on in the world right now. Knowing that our enemies can get us, as a society, to work against our own best interests is fundamental to what we do here.

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It would be in those parents best interest to have more control over their daughter and not allow her to communicate with a 29 year-old man. As soon as they find out, contact the man and tell him to fuck off, call the police, and teach your daughter to not be an idiot or a slut. If the guy makes additional contact attempts, document them, and call the police. Again, reiterate to daughter that she will be grounded for life with no access to electronics if she continues to reach out to the man.

Edit: What NOT to do is to invite him into your home.

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What is legally defensible?

If you don't get this, you "don't belong" giving advice.

... you don't belong on Voat ...

Piss off.

Knowing that our enemies can get us...

It's legally different when you fucking invite them into your home.

...what we do here.


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Why did they have to live stream this shit? They could have hammered him 2 to 1 his word against theirs.

Snow Mexicans.

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They streamed it to Facebook live.

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Calm down everyone, they are charged for animal abuse. You can't just hogtie an animal like that.

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Not even if it's a hog?

[–] Auschwitz 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

Hmm, not too sure about that, cowboy.

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