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I'd say that's fairly accurate in most cases.


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The idea of Anarcho-Tyranny is amazingly on point.

people need to start pointing this out all the time in all the western countries most afflicted.

if the police ever are less willing to go after criminals of any stripe then civil war is marching ever closer, and people need to prepare accordingly.

keeping your police enabled with resources, and not jumping to 'racist', 'sexist', 'homophobic', 'xenophobic', '***ic' conclusions by the public is required to eventually integrate these other groups.

Unlike most of voat, I don't think that integration is impossible, but the emergence of anarcho tyranny, and it's advance is a good indication that the society can't manage the change.

Management of Change is the age old bane of large corporations. Societies are not that much different.


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Ok. Well. Why should they be integrated? Fuck 'em. Did you have a say in this? I didn't.

It's the raping of our identities, culture, and values. No means no!