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Allow me to introduce you to a little something called paragraphs:

Here's what I seen so far on this weird shit... the confusion spreads ex Iranian Turk Commiefornia woman she has weird online vids and liveleak has this one: Youtube shooter Nasim Aghdam doing squats in front of the Israeli flag while hava nagila plays in the background ? weird online vids

Her father, Ismail Aghdam, told the San Jose Mercury News that he reported his daughter to police after growing concerned over her anger toward YouTube, CBS Los Angeles reports. Other posts and videos referred to veganism, animal rights, cooking, and parodies. In some, she showed off muscular biceps. She used her social media presence to highlight her activism in part.

She was quoted in 2009 by The Los Angeles Times as participating in an animal rights protest. “For me animal rights equals human rights,” the article quoted Nasim Aghdam, then 29, as saying, identifying her as “a construction company office manager from San Diego.” The father told the Mercury News that “his daughter became angry with YouTube after the company stopped paying for the content she posted online,” CBS reported. He also told the newspaper that police had found her sleeping in her car after he told them she was missing and angry at YouTube.

According to her website and various social media posts, Aghdam believed that YouTube was discriminating against her videos, causing her to lose money and views? another video, she said about YouTube, “They want you to be their sex slaves not think outside the box they designed for you! Your knowledge is their enemy.” She also posted several videos on Daily Motion, in another post she wrote ‘Make the lie big, Make it simple, Keep saying it, And eventually they will believe it’ Adolf Hitler,” she wrote on her website. What is the media agenda here?


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Shit I wish I saw yours first