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Assuming that the specific perpetrator of a false flag attack has to be aware of the larger plan being coordinated by other parties is very naive. Manipulating people is very easy, and very profitable/effective in modern times as we have seen.


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The finger spinner demand that was hyped up? That was the beauty of subliminal messaging. It works too damned good not to exploit it.

Back in the fifties they could do it with <30 frames per sec with lucrative results. But those fast refresh rates for games? It's why the FCC was formed, as a safety measure and control.

The fastest way to program most human minds is very fast refresh, spatial audio, physical torture and extreme mental stress. The Germans could do it in less than 72 hours with crappy tech with at least 20% programmed and functioning. Today, most established Intelligence agencies can do it in hours with 80% success and no deaths. The 20% loss rate is damned impressive and requires good medical response for sudden death. A type personalities tend to always survive and become tactical weapons of mass destruction.

This is how one makes a military asset, which the Greeks started. The best candidates are gender broken young men or He-she's.

Just point then human weapon at the enemy and whisper they are "Racist Homophobic Christian Conservative" scapegoats and wind 'em up.


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It could be but I dont think so. Then why are the news covering it up