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So the good thing is that it’s almost as good as 99% safe. Like I can leave my door unlocked at night. And that’s what makes the gun confiscation so absurd, don’t you think? It makes me wonder if the next thing coming is a school shooting drill that goes live. My husband grew up in Lake Forest which is old money and I have to tell you that the kids there are pretty respectful but here in Highland Park where we’ve lived the last 10 years the kids call their parents “motherfucker’s” and shit like that. None of the kids do anything to help out around the house, the parents and schools enable it. BIG TIME! Pisses me off so bad! My fam lives paycheck to paycheck but all the other families take like 4 major vacations a year and not to Florida but to places like the Galápagos Islands. None of the mothers work. All they do is yoga and fundraise. What kills me is that most of the moms have law degrees etc so all the money spent on school for nothing. It’s pretty much everything you’d suspect. The buggiest surprise may be this: the parents in Highland Park (99.9% Jewish) are way more generous than parents in Lake Forest (100% Wasp). Total shocker, right? My one daughter has friends who’s parents have paid her way on lots of vacations like to Aspen or NYC. To me, that’s the main shocker!!

What else do you wanna know?