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Information received from the BKA (Boere Krisis Aksie): Attack occurred yesterday (27 March 18) in the Rietkuil area of South Africa. The woman was ambushed by 2 black terrorists when she went out to feed her dogs. Her neighbour arrived on the scene and shot at the 2 black terrorists. The body of one of them was later found on the farm. The woman is doing alright.


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Seems to me if you're white in SA you'd better be armed all the time. Even sitting on the toilet.


[–] CognitiveDissident5 [S] 0 points 21 points (+21|-0) ago 

Yes, that's exactly how it is. I went to visit my brother and noticed a blob of blood in the road. What's that? I asked. Oh that's just some blood from the groid the neighbour shot during an attempted burglary, he said. Then added in the same breath: but this is a very safe neighborhood....


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Remember to put your legs on before you go shooting at bathrooms though.


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drop christcuckery, get fit, get armed, and setup a security system. A cheap motion sensing notification video security system would have prevented this from being a surprise attack.


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you can be armed all the time with McSecurity. Even more so with our affordable killing machines.


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The woman is doing alright.

Damn! What? It looks like they chopped her ear and multiple layers of her head off! I felt like I was looking at her fuckin cranium!

Good to hear, fucking a right.

Edit: Guns, people. Guns.