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This shit is coming to America mark my words. Common n core was just the start. The justification for banning homeschooling will be they are not allowed to seek their own identity, learn to be tolerant of other people, or do not get the required common (core) set of education by a ‘certified’ instructor/institution. It will be guised as a reason to protect children like current gun control efforts but in reality it will be to enforce liberal & socialist ideologies.


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They'll have a hard time getting rid of homeschooling in the US since it's really just a private school with super small class sizes. Homeschoolers still have to meet state requirements on testing, log school days, etc The requirements vary by state but they can't make the them more restrictive than school requirements. Since private schools aren't required to teach common core and are allowed to push their ideology (religious schools for example) there is no way to directly target these children your way. I do however agree that (((they))) don't like when people think for themselves so they will try to crush freedom wherever it stands. In probability, they will have court mandated "school inspections" for the safety of the children. They'll send government employees to drown parents in paperwork. They'll require certifications that are costly and time consuming. They might require homes to have dedicated school rooms to further increase the cost. They'll make it so intrusive, so invasive, so difficult, so expensive, that many parents will simply give up or be unable to choose homeschooling as a viable option.


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Yes I agree, it won’t be soon, it won’t be all at once. Just like you said it will start with paperwork, certifications, etc. Then when some incident occurs like guns they will use it as an excuse to ‘seal the deal’ and make it next to impossible to homeschool in order to protect the children. At the very least if ((they)) don’t achieve 100% ban by then the culture and popular mainstream society (employers) will already frown upon it due ‘incidents’ reported in the media. Hypothetical example, a Trump supporting family that belongs to a militia has a homeschool child that assaults a minority person. Media will highlight the hell out of the fact that they were homeschooled where they were taught to ‘hate’. Even though it may have had nothing to do with homeschooling it will be blamed. Only reason it is not happening now is because there are other priorities for the left right now.