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This was also true for Zimbabwe and Rhodesia as well, nobody lifted a fucking finger and when I call for white unity for white survival I am called a 'white supremacist'.

Equally interesting, to myself at least, is really all 5 of these elements (a-e) is met likely in every single white nation on Earth save for maybe Poland and Hungary.


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Whites need to wake up or they'll be extinct in a few decades.


[–] WhiteSurvivalist 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

Of course, but jews own and operate the media and place constant counter lies, not so easy to break through. Naturally what I am getting at is not only those of us who are aware must unify, but we must dedicate our lives to making others aware.


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White genocide is a thing, but the term, white genocide, is unbelievable to people who haven't done reading about the topic. We need a better way to present it to normies.


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I love you my brother, yes you are precisely right. I'd love some brainstorming/collaboration efforts for sure. I have some ideas for this exactly. The first is in image form, the second is a video. An important element is attention span, people have incredibly short attention spans.

The image would likely simply start at the top with that upper text defining genocide.

Then a single image the each letter and it's definition. So A would be a dead white person who was murdered by a non-white then some white murder statistic.

B, say rape, I wouldn't know what image to show, something like this perhaps.

C, mass illegal immigration, immigration of islam, mass non-white immigration. An image of mexicans hopping the border maybe.

D, affirmative action, non-white only scholarships, loans, grants, an image of a homeless white man begging or something to that degree.

E, little white girl looking back, arm held by non white, don't have image but that's good imagery. Maybe an archive link to an associated story.

It's worth noting, any one of these met means white genocide is true, but even more important is many who hear genocide are really thinking about the term extermination. If whites haven't been fully and totally exterminated from an area, to them this means nothing bad has happened somehow. This is in part why I often feel the video would be necessary, putting it together so it leads up to the meaning and contrast between genocide and extermination seems like a wise course of action.

The shorter the video the better, voice over seems vital.

Emphasizing that whites have been -EXTERMINATED- may shift the idea of not swallowing the pill on white genocide happening now to be absurd.