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I have three things to say:

1) Being far right and having been to Berkeley for a few hours are not mutually exclusive, you know?

2) Left = high taxes, high government spending, lots of regulation, and government control. Right = low taxes, low government spending, moderate regulation, and moderate individual freedom. Libertarianism = minimal taxes, minimal government spending, minimal regulation, and maximal individual freedom. So I suppose we could say libertarianism is far right. Lauren is a libertarian, so she is far right, and so am I. Nothing wrong with being far right.



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Lol but I’m saying that she isn’t far right. Libertarian isn’t a far right ideology. Center right at best.

She has burned coal before, so that should give you an idea of her position on the important topics.


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I've already explained why libertarianism is the real far right. It's the antithesis of socialism, which is the far left. The problem is the left, as the crafty manipulators they are, have distorted the meaning of "far right" by conflating it with fascism and authoritarianism. They did something similar by appropriating the word "liberal," and we all know there's nothing liberal about the left. They're expert language manipulators.

So next time someone calls you "far right," you should respond by saying, "Yes, I like my taxes as low as possible, have you got a problem with that?"