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You can't have a functioning democracy with such a backward population. I remember being optimistic about South Africa under Mandela when I was a little kid. I guess we had to learn the hard way.


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Oh yes, everyone had high hopes for Mandela, the convicted terrorist.


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Do you remember the media coverage at the time? I was in elementary school when he was released, it seemed like everyone was optimistic.

I also think that for a Black African, Mandela was extraordinary in his abilities. They kick one up every so often, but that individual can never raise the level of the whole society because everyone else is so stupid and work-shy. Latinos are like that, too. One out of every few million can think beyond next week. The problem is constructing a society when they're surrounded by the rest of the trash.

I also think in some very limited circumstances, terrorism can be effective and acceptable. Our Founding Fathers in the US were terrorists from the British perspective. They incited people to disguise themselves and destroy all that tea, for example.

It was horrifying and eye-opening to see leadership in SA go from the quotable, well-behaved in public Mandela to the likes of Mbeke and Zuma who seem like they probably can't read.