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So sick of hearing people talk about 2A as if it's up for debate, or is allowed to be modified. The FFs took tremendous care and time to word it in a way that makes NO WIGGLE ROOM- EVERYONE HAS GUNS, CANNON, HAND-WEAPONS, EVERYTHING.

It's amazing that 2A has been chopped down as much as it has already. There's no reason why it shouldn't apply to automatic weapons, explosives, etc.. The purpose is to fight an organized military if need be, so the populace is supposed to be armed similarly.



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The populace is supposed to be the military. We are not supposed to have a standing army. (((They))) continue their stupid fucking proxy wars and false flag terror attacks to push us into more proxy wars so they can justify us having a military in a time that we need to keep our capable hands here at home. I am a veteran and i have come to the conclusion that if the american people really wanted to send a message to the government then we would stop having our children enlist. Period end of story. In fact im going to submit a discussion on that topic alone.


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Enlisting is a decision that parents have no say in (barring the occasional 17 year old requiring parental signatures to ship out after high school graduation). I think your solution is a little short-sighted.

I have a suggestion of my own- militias. Just like 2A says. Guys like you and I, and others with some degree of experience and discipline, should be allowed to assemble local county militias. Unfortunately, the government HATES the idea of citizens being self-sustaining and able to protect themselves and their communities (see; Ruby Ridge, Waco). Even if half of the counties in each state did this, hold weekly gatherings for training and drills, maybe even coordinate with local police, it'd be a HUGE step in the direction where "Don't tread on me" actually has meaning again.

There may be a lot wrong with the military, but there's also a lot of valuable knowledge, skills, and wisdom that many servicemen pick up in their time. A lot of folks say the military is a fantastic red-pill; I know it was for me. Fresh out of liberal indoctrination school system and into Parris Island- reality never hits quite so hard.